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2021-09-07 06:34:46 (UTC)

I don't know

I don't know what I did... It is really because I shared the private info through social media platforms such as facebook? I might have but I am freaked out as well as my parents too. Seriously, I don't have any emotions left in me. I even consider myself a martyr. I don't know if it is something related to who I have wronged? Is it because I think what it is? People or assailants tend to manipulate me for something I believe is not correct in my mind. I mean I don't know seriously. I just wish to be kidnapped by a private corporation to undergo brain surgery to end this pain I currently experiencing. It could be exposing or such a thing? I wonder if I am being assassinated or humiliated because I am being OVERLY watched. I sure hope to have surgery to remove these implants. Do they seem to get more than what they receive? The only reward is to free me from this horrifying thing and kept it secret instead. I am pretty sure they get paid for this experiment more than I have. I just wish for the freedom to think and be myself instead. There are only 4 people that I suspect that can commit such a horrible thing. I might seem to get affected by these manipulations but overall I tend to forget all of them seriously ._. I just go with the flow because this scenario feels too good to be true. Killing myself is an easy accomplishment because no one will be blamed for manipulating me to kill myself. But seriously, it is obvious to me. I don't know if it's on me or because I expose such a thing? But if this experiment will redeem the losses of their business. I demand work opportunities, especially for my parents. I am scared that is why I shared it. I think that is the only conclusion. My relatives have nothing to do with this, but they got themselves involved because of my enthusiastic father who seems too PROUD to get rewards which I find annoying. I don't know if my father's enemies unite to just ruin my father or me? But please if they redeem their business back. Let me get work opportunities, a healthy lifestyle, a healthy mind, covid 19 free, severe sensation or burning inside my left brain hemisphere because I can't process information. Instead of being angry, I just understand what happened instead. But these wish for me to have is simple enough for them to fulfill. I don't have any money for my future life. I suffer more than I work. I choose to understand than getting angry about it. I might have but I don't have privacy or a cure for my intrusive thoughts which people will likely use against me. I am bothered that I might hurt people or tarnish their reputation by how I think. All I want is those wishes to be fulfilled. If they got paid for these experiments, this simple favor is enough for them to be considerate to my needs and wants for my future life. I can't think properly because of this headache, and my heart rate suffers more than I can endure.

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