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2021-09-06 23:10:31 (UTC)

One more day off 🥲

I got Tuesday off. I wanted extend the long weekend we had since Monday was a holiday. Anyway, As usual, time flew by quickly. Today was another busy day of playing. I went to the 9:30 and 10:30 gym class. The earlier session was a normal Muscle Monday session. The 2nd was pure cardio. Don't know why but our coach was giving us crap on the 2nd session saying we signed up so we better give it our all. WTH! We're there and trying our best! The second session of course will have some of the people spent. Can't help it. It's Monday for one. The air quality is bad due to the fires. And it's morning and our bodies are still a little on the stiff side. So I got a little pissed but it did give me a little bit more energy to push harder. It almost felt like I was hungover but I didn't drink anything the night before so I dunno. I told my friend at the gym that maybe I'm having sympathy hangovers. hehe. Not sure if there's such a thing but I for one think there should be. 🤷🏽‍♂️

After that, I was headed home and remembered that we have an ice block sliding get together at this small but cool park where it's like a giant crater. Se we get big block of ice, wrap it in a towel and we sit on it and slide down the hill. At least they do and I just watch. Been doing this for about 7 yrs now so it's nice to see how the kiddos have grown since then. Funny how life is. It just goes by so quickly. I wasn't going to go but I did and brought ice cream for the kiddos. It was a hot day so they enjoyed it. Hung around for a couple of hrs before I split and did my thing.

My meetup friends are egging me on to go on this Sacramento Boat cruise for the September birthdays. I hesitate and probably won't go. Told them that it's one of my first dates I had with Tara so I don't want any flashbacks of the past rear it's ugly head out if I went. Heidi and Marnie gave me crap for it saying I should get over it. It doesn't bother me really but why subject myself to any possible negative feelings and thoughts if I can avoid it? So yeah, not going. It's just a 2 or 2.5 hr ride anyway with everyone getting drunk. I can do that anytime anywhere and not having to be on a ship.

Tomorrow will be a day of errands again. I will probably still attend a morning and afternoon crossfit class. I'm supposed to watch a movie tomorrow night with my friend Susan that is leaving for Texas soon. I bet she forgot but I'll keep that time for her since she's going away soon. I still can't believe she's making a move but glad for her to make it. It's like when I left Hawaii to live in CA. That was a big move for me so I'm sure she is just as scared, nervous, and excited.

I know of someone at my gym that is having some financial hardship. Her rent went up and now she has to pay around 850 just for a room in a house. A room!!! Crazy huh? Meanwhile I'm feeling guilty that I have a 3 bedroom to myself and since I am getting fatter, it must mean I'm not struggling too bad financially. hehe. I almost feel like offering her to rent a room with me for cheap but meh.... can't save the world and I love my privacy. Even my housecleaner I've known for many years so she isn't a stranger at all. Yup, liking my freedom. Alone but not lonely. Being horny? That's another story.

Well, I"m at the last couple of days to my extended vacation and pretty much drama free. Loving life for now. Good night diary.

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