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2021-09-07 10:32:27 (UTC)

I have awakened it..

Today was day 2. I wanted to do two sets of exercises but I managed to do only one. Why? Cause I had to bloody hell poop. Have you ever tried exercising when you wanna take a shit?? I tell ya it ain't a nice feeling .

I wake up and have my coffee and then do my sets. So everyone knows what coffee does to ya.. haahaha.

My hand feels heavy when I lift it. That's good. Means I've awakened them muscles today. Like a trailer. Tomorrow will be the main show. When we exercise till failure it's the best kind. I remember doing squats or running till we end up walking funny... Haahah. Also a proper cool down is needed to flush out all the acid build up in the muscles.

Next time you see them posers in the gym ask them a bit of body mechanics or some shit on how muscles work etc. I'm betting they don't know much and just there to impress with their big big bodies.