Becoming quietly confident
2021-09-06 23:37:14 (UTC)

Ok which one of you all’s are ..

Ok which one of you all’s are reading the “Father’s Day” entry every couple of days. Or is that just the most intriguing title in my diary

It was a quiet weekend. My hoarder husband freaked out because I threw away moldy left overs. Small package, two servings maybe. Literally mold on the top of it. I hadn’t even thrown it out yet, I had just put it with the dirty dishes. My husband pointed to it. “Why are you getting rid of this”.
“because it’s moldy.”
“You just made it”.
“No, it was made last week. The thing I just made we are having with dinner tonight. That one by the dishes is moldy.”
Him chastising me a few minutes later: “I don’t know why you want to get rid of it.”
Me losing it a little “I don’t know what to tell you!! It’s moldy!!”
Him: “excuse me?” (He was addressing my tone, cause I never lose it with him).
Me: “ I just can’t say it anymore”

And this is just the tiniest of things, but it’s constant, this thing he has with food, and it might just drive me crazy. He is set to give himself food poising. He has actually given himself food poisoning before.

I clean the fridge out once a week and quickly restock it so he doesn’t think I threw anything away. Even just it being too organized can trigger this reaction from him.

I have a stray cat that has adopted me. We can’t let him in the house. But I sit on the porch sometimes and just pet him for a while after he is fed. He loves me. And I love this little guy so much.

I have not heard more from my ex which is best.

Dreams: my husband had a dream that we had a girl ( I had a dream there was an angel standing by my bed.

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