Ruby’s healing journey
2021-09-06 20:40:49 (UTC)

Sorry diary I have been kinda ..

Sorry diary I have been kinda busy with work I know some people read these so I hope they like each entry but I’m also doing it for myself I like documenting my life in color and sharing that even the struggles though there annoying
So with that

I went to work and had some misadventures I watched someone steal from the shop I work at (we’re not supposed to follow them)
And some other stuff that embarrass me and are confusing so I won’t talk about just me messing up like I was unable to organize clothes for two days at the end of the day I’ll talk about that other stuff now

I did my makeup today and had singing lessons I am confused about singing so next time I’m going to record the lessons I did some lessons from someone in New York online I was kinda. Confused with the lesson hopefully I can do well

Then I watched this anime my next life as a villainess I love this anime but haven’t finished it

Then I posted some clothes on Depop to sell

Now idk what I am going to maybe play my Nintendo or see if anything is on Netflix

I ask my parents to wash my clothes I didn’t wanna do it myself I don’t want to see mom but I’m exhausted from work though I don’t do it as much as it seems I have part time hours and part time days anyway bye diary for now

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