La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
2021-09-06 17:29:38 (UTC)


Today I ran into this quote that got me sid"Don't close the book when bad things happend in your life, just turn the page and begin a new chapter." and this is what I'm doing at the moment, yesterday I found out that our financial situation is not at it's best for the last 3 mnths it's been this way and I was so angry at my husband for not letting me know sooner, I've would have done so many things difrent, but since I can't go back all I have to do is handle the situation best possible way. Because for starters I know we are not the only ones struggling. yet we where in a similar situation like 10 years ago and managed to pull though in a much worse I shud say situation. Put for now I am positive that with a lot of suport from me he and I will get through just fine. I will try my best to help out in the little things and cut down on my expences, keep on going to school yet focuse a lot more now that I know that even my tuition is a heavy burden on my husban, it makes me feel like I haven't apreciate a lot of things latly but what a difrence it is to comunicate in a real matter, I'm just glad I can give him my suport and keep his spirits up, he is a very smart man yet people take aadvantage of his good heart and that ticks me off. because when he is in need of others, he seems to be alone is not fair. wish people would realize we are all in need of eachothers suport and encouragment. So today I will smile cook a very nice meal for him and feed his soul. Feel grateful!!