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2021-09-06 21:02:02 (UTC)

The nerve of this bitch..

Body language says it all. And this bitch of a client her body language screamed out to me across the room that be careful for I am rich and spoilt.

For fuck sakes. The way she beckoned a staff was absolutely bitching fucking disrespectful. She put her hand up, snapped her fingers and then with her index finger pointed towards her. Like you're just one of her many servants...

Fuck mannnn. That's not how you treat people. Thank the devil's dick I ain't having to be interacting with her. She sits too like she's too good for rest of us. Back straight and her legs crossed like a lady and she leans to one side with elbow resting like a boss would.

I wish I was in charge I would have told her off that time. For such people no mercy. Yep. Off with their heads. Oh and her offspring was dressed like a douche. A long oversized football jersey. Fucking boy band haircut covering his eyes. And his body language was that of a spoilt kid who never took a cab himself. Always had stuff done for him
.... Fuckkkkkkkk

Kill em all!!


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