Darc Tangent

2021-09-05 17:21:52 (UTC)

Pizza Pops: Happy Birthday to Me (1,241 wds)

Happy Birthday to Me
D’Arc Tangent

Rachel sat in her car and breathed deeply. She knew what she was going to find in the house. Dishes, and disappointment. It has been five years since her divorce, leaving her alone, with her teenage son in her house. Now, it was her fortieth birthday, and all she had to look forward to were dishes, and disappointment. She took a few more deep breaths, but they weren’t helping, so she undid her seatbelt, straightened her shoulders, and got out of the car.

She smoothed out the wrinkles of the yellow blouse with little blue flowers. It wasn’t the nicest of her blouses, and she bought it at Walmart for ten bucks, but it was comfortable, unlike her jeans which were starting to feel a little tight. Again.

“Time to size up again.” she said softly to herself as she pulled the groceries out of the back seat, closed the door with her hip, and went into the house to face the dishes.

Rachel walked into the kitchen with her groceries and was met with a sight that almost stopped her heart. Her son. Her teenage son. Was standing in front of an empty sink, drying what looked like the last of the dishes. Without being asked, threatened, or bribed, he did the dishes.

“You did the dishes!” Rachel said, trying not to sound overly shocked at this revelation.

“It was the least I could do.” Sean, her teenage son, said, “after you bought me the Pizza Pops.” he said, motioning to the two steaming patties of pizza stuffed dough on the plate, “I also remembered your birthday.” he continued motioning to a very large cake in the middle of the kitchen, which totally skipped her notice after the shock of seeing her teenage son doing chores, but there is was, a very large cake, the kind you used to see in old musicals, where women would pop out of, and as if on cue, a shirtless young man popped out of the cake, holding a smaller cake in one hand, as the stranger said, “and I baked you a cake.”

“Oh, my.” Rachel said, putting her hand to her throat.

“You have done so much for me these past five years, all alone. I felt it was time I did something for you, and I know you have been feeling a little lonely, with me being out with my friends and leaving you here alone.”

Rachel walked toward the shirtless young man, oblivious to what Sean was saying, and she watched the young man with the cake as she approached, never taking her eyes off the man, and took the cake from him. As she put the cake on the kitchen counter, she looked over at Sean, and mouthed silently, “Thank You.” then made a shooing motion with her hands. Sean took the hint, smiled, and said “I’ll leave you to, enjoy, your birthday present.” but Rachel didn’t hear him at all.

“Don’t you want a piece of …" but before the stranger could finish his sentence, Rachel took his face in her hands and kissed him. It was a hard, passionate kiss. Her tongue pried his mouth open as she devoured him with her hunger. She pulled away, breathless, then looked him in the eyes, never taking her gaze from the handsome strangers. The man looked down at Rachel’s cleavage, then back to her eyes, and Rachel just smiled her secret message and the young man pulled open her blouse, sending buttons skittering across the floor as the stranger looked at her breast.

Fifteen years of marriage and nineteen years of raising a son were not kind to her body, but the stranger smiled as he gazed at the large, well-rounded breasts. Rachel reached behind her and undid the bra, throwing it to the side, then grabbed the stranger around his neck and pulled him through the break-away cake into the kitchen. She said nothing. Asked no permission, Rachel just dropped to her knees and undid the painted-on blue jeans, and peeled the denim over her hips, revealing the tight Calvin Klein jockeys.

“Oh fuck.” she said seeing the huge bulge behind the cotton fabric.

The stranger took Rachels hands in his, and motioned her to stand. Once she was standing, he dropped to his knees, and unbuttoned the edge of her jeans, and slowly pulled the zipper down, as Rachel shivered in anticipation. She wiggled her hips as he pulled her pants down, and braced herself against his broad, muscular shoulders, her fingers kneading into the powerful muscles, as she slipped her feet out of the pants. The stranger ran his fingers across her panties between her legs, feeling the moistness seeping through the cotton, he looked up and smiled, and Rachel blushed that her body betrayed her arousal to this man.

The sudden feeling of cool air caressing her moistened pussy drew Rachel’s attention the fact that the stranger was now pulling her panties down. She looked up at the ceiling, and bit her lower lip as the situation was quickly moving from some strange dream she was having to reality. Rachel looked down just as the stranger was using his thumbs to open up her folds, and slide his tongue into her.

“Oh, young man, I don’t think you want to, fuck yeah. Oh my god. Young man, I think you should, oh shit yes, right there. Fuck yes. Oh my god that is so …" and before she could finish her sentence, she dropped to her knees, then fell back, her plumb ass hitting the floor, then she fell back, knees bent, as she spread her legs open.

“Young man, I want, fuck that, I need, I need that fucking cock in my pussy. Can you do that for me young man?”

The young man smiled at her, and softly started to sing.

“Happy Birthday to you,”

Then crawled on his knees to her as he continued.

“Happy Birthday, to you.”

He ran two fingers along the moist slit between her legs.

“Happy Birthday, Dear Rachel.”

Then he guided his cock into her waiting and wanting pussy.

“Happy Birthday to you.”

And he thrusted into her, as Rachel bent backwards, and screamed out, “And Many More!”

As he emptied himself deep inside her, and Rachel screamed out in orgasm.

Rachel lay naked and panting on the kitchen floor as the young man stood up, semen dripping from his still erect cock, as Sean walked in the door.

“Hi mom.” he said, ignoring that his mother was naked on the floor, cum dripping out between her legs, and a strange naked man standing next to her, as he reached into the freezer doe more Pizza Pops.

“Did you have a good time?”

“Oh, fuck yes.” she said, dreamily, also ignoring the fact that she was naked on the floor.

“I’m going to the basement. You take all the time you need. You have him for the night.”

Then Sean left his mother, and her man, and went down to the basement entertainment room.

“Come, Rachel.” the young man said, as he stood naked before her, and held out his hand. “Let us finish your birthday upstairs.”

Rachel took his hand, and rose, leaving her clothes behind as the two of them went to her bedroom.

“Well, Happy Birthday to me.” she said to herself as she closed her bedroom door.