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2021-09-05 20:48:20 (UTC)

The Final Frontier

A superb day, that sunshine, ahhhhh, mustard! Spent three hours out exploring, soaking up the beauty while Phil was on the phone to me as he was trucking in his American truck. And navy man messaging me photos of his day, and showing me the love. LOL. He is smitten and already said he wants to take me away to an island he has been to twice before, it's created from the lava of two volcanoes nearby. Sounds amazing! He invited me to go see a bob Dylan tribute act at the end of September too and lol if I would like to go on a road trip with him across France to see an MG show in his dark green Mustang that is really sexyyy. He sent me a pick of his MG too which is nice.

However, Im not all about that stuff, but the adventures, YES!

He called me this afternoon but I had just gotten out of the shower after my long hike and wanted to zone out so I cut the conversation short and so he called me this evening for a couple of hours and I told him, perhaps we're (meaning he is) running before we (he) can walk and he replied, "Sprinting *smiley face*"

He sent me a photo of himself, yep he has that military/chiselled rich yacht blonde look with the most beautiful blue eyes still, lol. He says we have to wait an eternity to see each other because of me and my eyelashes, hahaha.

Let's hope all goes well next weekend when we see each other, eh...if it does, it's game on to begin a new start. I was only interested in speaking to him to be fair once he contacted me in the beginning, because of the way he approached me. He is a man of honour, and traditional values and I like this a lot in a man.

Anyways, on the other planet of mama lioness, my baby girl is back to school year left and she's off to college! Doing her GCSE's next year.....Not that they mean fuck all in this day and age.

On that not with (A) texting "It's the unknown - space the final frontier, where no man has ever gone before." and with me replying, 'That's what it feels like between my thighs." I shall take his laughter and him off to bed with me now....I like having him around :))