The reason why my sky is Blue
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2021-09-05 20:33:00 (UTC)

Day 5

I wanted to get drunk last night and have a classmate fuck me, but that didn’t work out. I drank 4 beers and then went home. My Bestfriend was supposed to drink with me but she never does she didn’t even drink a full beer she only drank half. She’s been like that since before her tumor. We were at her ranch, with her parents, sister and brother in law. I’m going to call him S. I love S. He’s really fun to be around. I get so excited when he comes home from work. Because when he’s here I know it will be fun. He wants to fuck me, but I won’t let him. Even though a part of me wants to. But I can’t do that to angels family, if her sister ever found out she would hate me. Me and S have kissed though, and everytime he’s drunk he brings it up. I just ignore him. I just finished masturbating, To Shemale Porn. A category I didn’t even know I was into. It was a good but, but it could’ve been better. I haven’t had sex in over 2 years and I really miss it. Or I miss the idea of affection. I’m a whore for affection. If anyone gives me a little attention, I fall in love. I hate that. I fall easily, but no one ever falls for me. I’m just a quick fuck for most guys. And I guess it shouldn’t bother me but it does. Guys just want to fuck me and never love me, and that’s the reason why my sky is blue

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