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2021-09-05 11:05:55 (UTC)

A peaceful Sunday the way is should be ☺️

I'm liking my chill-out-Sundays. No real schedule or plans of any sorts. Just my impulse to do what I want if I feel like it. That's just the way I like it too. No stress, no need-to-do today, no nothing. Sure, I'll end up doing some laundry. That's a given going to the gym twice a day creates a poop pile of laundry having to change 3-4 times a day showering 3 times a day.

I just got back from Lumberjack's restaurant. Didn't feel like dressing up or getting all duded up. Just put on my flip flops and stuck a hat on my head and off I went. Anyway, the portions at this place is huge. Not a place I'd suggest if you want to lose weight. They have crazy large portions of food. Their dinner roll? It's like a mini loaf of bread. For real! I was telling myself I need some protein and maybe it'll help with the healing and building of my muscles. That's what I'm saying to myself to pretend to need it but to be honest, I was just craving some meat. Good meat. Not burgers. So I had a porterhouse steak and eggs. I am thoroughly satisfied with my breakfast. May need a power nap now.

Eventually, I will get my truck washed and waxed. I may get some gym clothes along the way before going to the touchiness car wash. Don't feel like hitting up Costco today although I do need more bottled water soon. I belong to a movie club and since the pandemic, i think I got a butt pile of movie passes piled up now. I think maybe I should go out to watch something. Been a few years maybe since I've been to a movie theater?

Whatever I do today, I'm just grateful for the state of mind I'm in. Not stressing about the world. Not worried about whatever it is that I have to do. I'm at peace and although I'm not with anyone in a romantic situation right now, I'm still so very happy and mellow. It may be the state of mind I'm in. It may be the dopamine and other stuff flowing in my body from the workouts. Whatever it is, I hope it stays. There are some out there that aren't alone but are miserable as heck not wanting to be there, feeling trapped, etc, etc. I'm good where I'm at for now. Enjoying what I can with what I got.

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