By Myself

Somewhere I Belong
2021-09-05 23:59:06 (UTC)

new me..

When i was young and was out cycling with my cousin we used to do crazy shit. he was the younger but bolder of us. so i used to be a bit hesitant to try them stunts. and i used to tell me check out the new me and blaah blaah just for fun. and he used to laugh and say sureeeeee...

now into full blown adulthood i realize how important that was. new me. a new version of me. to delete the past version.

i deleted any and all forms of distractions from my computer. all games gone. now i got only my art and work related shit.

since tomorrow is the big new start of my get up early and exercise i thought why not begin the night before and make up my mind to do something new every day.

there's a content creator with a funny name i keep forgetting who creates and uploads some form of art daily without fail. and after years of that he has made a name for himself and is famous. just imagine. one piece of art daily. what if we took the time to learn something new daily. what could we achieve???