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2021-09-05 22:31:46 (UTC)

Sunday went well..

Went to my cousins and played some gta 5. Showed my uncle how to use Dropbox. Showed my grandmom how to use her phone. Ate some pizzas and sandwiches.

In gta 5 I did what every evil person would. Best up the first npc I see. Steal a fast car. Get into a police chase. I will literally play the game only for that. Screw the missions. I need a game where no story or missions. Just do whatever you want. Like sims made by the devil.. haaah.

My writing here is like another personality of mine. If this goes public nobody will ever believe it's me. In the real world I'm like the quiet shy guy. Here in satan reincarnation. That's why it's the shy kids you have to worry about. They don't say a thing. And then it's suddenly say helloo to my little friend type of situation. I'm like that. Nobody will ever peg me as an assassin oor a serial killer. But my house will have a dungeon for sure.

So now the week starts tomorrow. I'm better prepared for it. Mentally atleast. Music helps a lot. When you're lonely.


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