Third 👁️ Eye Spy

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2021-09-05 10:11:24 (UTC)

Good things are always just around the corner

Good things are always just around the corner, but you have to make the effort to explore it. You have to find the faith in believing good things are there for you to discover. If you stand still, so will your life.

Off hiking today in this glorious real quality downtime. That feel-good factor, that replenishment from nature....the place where I always belonged.

But whilst doing so, I have the new man in my life (jock 13 - navy man) who wants just the same as me upon first connecting. With him only five days on the dating app and me just four, we both joined to just find somebody to talk to outside our family and friend units.

Now we're that for one another, now we have both stayed off the dating app to invest in one another. Now we're both investing in each other. He lifts me up, and that's the first man that's done this that I've met from a dating app.

So apart from sharing our daily endeavours with one another, and the chemistry building. For me, I am pleased our paths crossed, we mould so well we both agreed if things dont work out next weekend we will remain friends and in regular contact because we feel we're a good match of personalities.

After my hiking, I need to mow the lawns and plant a new plant I bought. But for now, its time to get out to real mother of me, Gaia 👍❤