Experienced Life
2021-09-05 02:36:42 (UTC)

The problem with having too much fun🤙

Saturday was so much fun. The only problem with it is that the day seemed like only minutes have passed. Similar to when I used to watch Game of Thrones. That hr felt like 10 minutes. Sigh.. So I got a bunch of our gym peeps to do a double session today just so that we could have lunch/breakfast after. I of course made sure a few of my favorite gym women go to class and to eat after class because I like their company.

It's been so long since we had a group of us go out to eat and have some fun conversation. No discussing politics or any bad stuff happening in the outside world. Some of it was of course gym talk and just getting to know each other better. I decided to order Mimosas..bottomless mimosas :) My friend Augusta asked me how it was, then she stopped and said "I shouldn't bother asking huh? Anything with alcohol is good by you." Hehe. She knows me too well. Actually though, I've had on bottle on wine since the end of that last challenge. I'm guessing I finished one bottle in...three weeks? There was a time that it was almost a daily thing. Funny though, wine tastes different now so I don't really have any burning desire to drink. Anyway we were there for almost 3 hrs. Everyone was having too much of a good time and no one left early. So the gym peeps are bonding ever more. Not many gyms can say stuff like this.

This was the end of the week for me and my body was hurting from the previous classes so doing a double today didn't make it any better. I mean it did during class because all those chemicals being released takes away the pain temporarily. It's the after after that my body feels so although it was a good week of workouts (10 total), I needed the week to end so my body can recover. Saturday afternoon and the whole day on Sunday. That should be barely enough so I can start the week off again going full speed ahead. I'm still doing doubles during the week even though I don't need to anymore but that's what happens when you wake up a 5AM now. Nothing else to do since it's still too early to work and who wants to work early anyway? hehe.

I got a bunch of shipments come in. Most from Amazon. I got some finger cushion thingys hoping it helps with my knuckles. Hurts to punch with blisters or blister in the process of trying to heal. Hard to do since we had punching bags again but these finger wraps helped a lot. Got a pair of shoes from FB advertising and I really like them. To be honest, I'm sorta bored with the just classic black dress shoes. I mean I have them too but I'm liking the style so I impulse brought me a pair. Just need to have a reason to go out to some semi dressy situation again.

Well, not much else to say since I'm keeping to as much a drama free life as I can. Happy Sunday everyone. Go out there and do something different in your life and I don't mean Tide pods or drinking Clorox.

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