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2021-09-05 14:23:28 (UTC)

i lasted for two days...

Pathetic, if there was a word to describe me. I had all the motivation to get the fuck up early and start exercising. and i did that. for just two fucking days. then i quit. what an ass i am.

then my body began to loose it's physique and i lost any muscle i had. scarecrow one would call me. depression was reigning with a strong force.

when i'm low i tend to make amazon my best buddy...hhaah. but for fuck sakes i take ages to decide on what to buy. one good thing about being single and unwanted is that you can have some money collected on the side since you don't have anywhere to go and anyone to spend on. so i bought me a new timex chrono watch. i haven't used such a watch in a decade and without reading the instructions i did everything as before. its called muscle memory. its how musicians and artists get so good at their craft. once imprinted in the brain the actions are stored forever. so setting the time, alarm and everything just came naturally as i was doing it years back. i remember the hype over the G Shock watches when they came out. i bought me a cheap knock off and i was the happiest kid in the block. i also bought me a sleeping mask. you kknow the ones you get on the planes. like a bra over the eyes. speaking of which the strap for the mask was something of an alien sort to me. i had to make it longer. so i told mom to check it out and she did it in a few seconds while i struggled with it for minutes. then she said its the same one they use on their bras...hhahaha. so yeaa that turned out well. then also i bought me some neodymium magnet set. balls and rods. you can make it into any geometric shape you wish. that baby will come tomorrow. cant wait.

so tomorrow is a monday. im going to again try and restart that inner forge in me. to get up early and exerscise. i really need to. i got the eye mask hoping ill get better sleep since i seriously have trouble falling asleep. and in the mornings its a drag to get outta bed. getting good quality sleep is what i need the most. everything will correct itself with it. i've tested it before. when i sleep early and soundly i wake up before the alarm and im pretty much good to go in less amount of time..

evening with my cousins today.

oh and my beloved windows phone is on full on beauty mode. as in im in love with it all over again. ill carry the android one in my bag if i need it for whatsapp. or ill leave it at home dunno. maybe ill leave it at home. ill be offline for the


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