My Boring Ass Life
2021-09-04 23:52:34 (UTC)

Feeling A Bit Irritated

Today, I was learning photoshop for the first time. It's quite challenging, and I'm getting a bit frustrated.

I'm starting school in a couple days, and it just kind of hit me today! I was just like, "Holy fuck, I'm starting uni in a couple days and I don't even have my school supplies". It's alright I still have a couple of day left lolol. Anyways I have to stop being I'm going to try to work tmrw for 7 hours. Work as in learning photoshop, drawing, and rhino stuff. But obviously I'm probably not gonna. Still gonna try try try and try again.

It usually takes me 2 weeks of motivation to get a habit down. But I need to get a habit down in 2 days. Yup lol.

This is a really deep dark secret of mine, but I really really want to be the best. I want to be the best in my class. I want to have the best life. I want to have the best personality. And I especially want to be the smartest person out there. I want to be the smartest person that I know of!

I'm going to try my very very hardest, I am better than my past self, I know how to study more efficiently. I can do it, and I am going to rub it other peoples faces that I'm the best to make myself feel better since I AM INSECURE AND PROUD!

okay bye, I should also probably start checking over my grammar too in these entries lol.

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