If I die today
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2021-09-04 11:28:09 (UTC)

Last night nDea got home ..

Last night nDea got home after 11 so thats a 16 hr workday for him. I drank the one truly and a small mere half shot of everclear in my oragnce drink but I never finshed that it was gross. Anyhow slept till around 8ish been up a while a few hours before nDea got up . Walked the dog for a short walk today. Had my coffe. I saw a particullary cute pop up card for mom last week on amazon so I wanted to order that or her bday but decided to browse around in searching I sound something really cute thought eMichell would like so anyhow I bought 2 cards today. Still havnt talked to mom about the possible roku/excersize subrsiction need to talk to her before I purchase it bc if shes really not gonna use it thats lame and a waste dont need that hassel. so nDea is really sore his back is super a mess he's having a hard time movin this really sucks. IDK what to do other than say he needs some sorta professional care. but also well the medical system is a joke now so IDK. He needs to do whatever he needs to do I'll be here supporting him. so its on my mind that now is the time to really get serious with mom as far as her retirment and stuff if she has no direction no purpose or whatever its easy to get roped into the things that arnt of GOD or to be decived I think she'll emermis herslf likely in the catholic chaios shes been comminted too which is sadbut perhaps something can influence her now. IDK I'm not sure this is a big change in her lifestyle Now she can be a housewife. speka of the devil she is on the phonenow g2g