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2021-09-04 19:01:26 (UTC)

Oh my. Is 13 lucky for some?

I suppose it may well be for me....might be, could be....we will see.

I made Jock 13 wait. I awoke this morning and the first thing in my thoughts was, "Stick to what you told yourself, T. And make him wait until next weekend when you're ready." And so I did. He knows I want to get my lashes redone before I meet him, he is a Virgo man. They like a woman who looks after themselves, cares about their appearance but as a natural woman. I showed him a photo of me with my lashes on that my lashes lady does professionally for me, you cannot tell they are fake, they are not like those big spider eyelashes that women wear that drown their eye sockets and scare you in the night. No, mine look pleasant. He liked them, so I told him my lashes lady isn't available until Thursday next week so next weekend we can meet. He agreed and not only said he will wait but he will take himself off the dating site too.

Now he did mention this three or four times during our 4hr 46minute phone call this afternoon! I know right! That's a long phone call but we are so much alike in our outlook, both being Virgo's. He say's, "Only fellow Virgoan can understand another, we're a breed no one understands." He was referring to our ways, our morals in love, our dedication, resilience, standards. The way we take on most things ourselves and pay attention to detail and care towards nature and animals.

So now he is all in for me, waiting for me and his authenticity is quite transparent to me. I like this man. A navy man, he is a man's man understanding the traditional values and roles of men and women and love, as I do. He likes quality over quantity, as I do. His home is beautiful and much larger than my home.

But let's say for example we meet and like one another, that there is chemistry. That it progresses much further into a relationship. I will not be selling my home to be with him, that's a certainty. But then that is my outlook towards anybody I might meet and begin a relationship with, I love my home and worked hard on it and continue to do so and I'm not going anywhere. It's likely he wouldn't with his home either, he lived in it for the last twenty years and worked on it heavily, so it's never a bad thing living separately for the first few years. Keeps the spirit alive, as so to speak.

We know there is already a connection between us, our views are like a mirror to one another, it is only the physical left. I know what he looks like but he isn't the usual type of man I have been involved with, being that Jock 13 has blonde hair and blue eyes. I usually go for dark-haired men, and I told him this but he said, "There is a first time for everything, and who knows, it may be the best decision you made." We have not gotten sexy with one another via text or on the phone, he is a gentleman and his mother taught him to treat a woman well. So far, he has. And is putting in 110% effort, but we are in the early days.

From what I pick up spiritually, he is a possessive man of his woman. He isn't a sharer and has high expectations of her effort and behaviour towards him as he puts in good effort and behaviour towards her. He is a proud man, looks after himself, his appearance but not in a ponsy way, just good hygiene and smart quality clothing. He is a hard worker, deep and sensual, spicy lover and a long term guy with an expansive mind and educated too. He went to boarding school as a kid and hated it but left there at the age of 16 and went into the Navy, left the navy ten years later and now works as a project manager, managing two team divisions and was involved in building the channel tunnel.

I like this man, his life has been expansive, his friends are a mixed bunch, from people in important careers to people who do not work. He isn't a judgemental man, neither stingy.

I will be staying off the dating site also for the next week until I meet him and see what I think of him in person. Same as what he is doing, lol