My Boring Life
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2021-09-03 04:07:23 (UTC)

Bad Day.

It wasn't a good day. Woke up this morning and noticed my cat hopping around like his paw was injured. I got down beside him and saw his front right paw was swollen. I called the only vet in the area and they said they were at capacity but I could bring him in if didn't mind my cat sitting in his carrier throughout his visit. I didn't like that idea but he needed medicine. I knew being uncomfortable for a little while would be worth it so I headed to the vet. When I got there I saw a sign on the door that said " Please stay in your vehicle. Call this number and someone will be out to assist you shortly. That's when I reached for my pocket and realized I left my phone at home in a rush to get to the vet. I knocked on the door and they wouldn't come to the door. There are no nearby businesses sooo, I had to drive 20 minutes back home to get my phone. After I got home and picked up the phone I got back in the car to go back to the vet and realized I was very close to running out of gas. So I stopped at the gas station to get gas. Then I noticed my tire was nearly flat. Went to get some air in my tire and they wanted $2 for air!!! and I only had 4 quarters. I had to dig my whole car to find the rest in dimes and nickels. Luckily the cashier was nice enough to exchange it for quarters. So I got gas and air. My cat is still in his cat carrier and he's been meowing loudly at me through out all of this. I got back in the car, started driving down the road and decided to peek in a my cat. He was taking a scared dump right in front of my face. So then I had to smell cat shit the rest of the ride while he hollered at me. Finally dropped the cat off and felt a little relieved that the ordeal was over. When I picked up the cat the vet said an animal must have bit him. There are a few cat buddy's that he hangs out with so that made sense.
Looking over at Pinky again this evening. She's on her couch with her blanket covering her legs and eating popcorn. Looks like she's watching a movie or just tv, idk. I wish I could be with her.