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2021-09-04 02:22:00 (UTC)

Jail Bird Done by KARMA

September 3, 2021

JOHNSON, HERSCHEL LYNN White Male 09/29/1991 $655.00 06/01/2021 27-19-304 - DRIVING VEHICLE WITH LICENSE OR REGISTRATION SUSPENDED OR REVOKED. Should have taken the two bacon burgers, I only offered and asked if you were hungry. Your smart mouth said NO. I said if you are not hungry, then give them back. Proud little man, you are? No just a stupid one. Did I feel sorry? No way grandson, adopted. I have no feelings when lied, to and told someone doesn't have to do that because they no longer getting paid. James' room is brothers, room. James your brother, and mother hen won't do anything. She never did in the first place in seven years of free rent. Not to mention your brothers also received your rooms as well FREE! Too old to take your shit kid. Those burgers, you already know we're good. Know you wish you were not evil temper and free I would do as in the past. Give to you. NO SIR, A man of thirty must learn. This old man has limited time on earth to keep helping. When gone, life will be HELL. Grow up, get a job, support yourself or your family. Don't expect Government aid to continue. Aid is not for all the Taliban's in Arkansas at $2000.00 a month, rent-free house, all bills paid! You are not a kid/man from a country that lost everything and many that helped America. Now being murdered daily in a war-torn country. Those unable to leave by August 31, 2021