If I die today
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2021-09-03 16:58:01 (UTC)


Dear Edith,
You turned out to be a true friend that was the greatest thing you could have done in my time of need/needinesschaios and such. I hope your doing well with your family. I've learned a lot from you and appreciate your boldness and your willingness to take chances on things that matter to you. Thank you for being there for me. I'm sorry for the [email protected] you went thru with your work and the whole situation with my former neighbor. To this day theres sitll a lot of injustice there . You have so much to offer. I'm proud of your endurance and the freedom you've had to just be yourself and be content with that. In my opionion being a mom and a wife is the greatest job a woman can i have and I hope you c.an have that to the fullest and that your appreciated . Please keep searching for what s right and wrong and make your own desicons about how you choose to live, love and what you support.. Please know God is faithful to give wisdom without reproach and he loves and cares for you and has a vested interest in any and every detial of your life and those in your life as well. He has a good purpse for you and you have been used to touch my life in unexspected ways to me. YOur a wonderful lady . Also so I know I'm kinda a flake sorry for the weirdness with everything i get frustrated easy and I get overwhelmed with vaccums in particular and Well my social skills are (were? we hope) less than acceptable or even interpable. I hope in my life time I've grown and who knows maybe I will see you again. As it turns out we're sorta neighbors now I live a bit closer to where you were living before. Thank you for being an encourgment and a friend and being respectful of me as I am. Thank you for letting me be a part of your life for the time we did have together. That wwas the most I've ever really done with friends in a summer in my life to have the kayaking and working toward the 5k together. I'm blessed to have known you and hope you continue to pour into the world no matter where life goes or takes you and I hope you find true friends that you can spend time with and relate to practicly as often or as little as you need. Its stupid and it sucks that the whole minstry thing legal.ethical issue has seperated us it does take the sting out that we were prepared but please know I like you and care about you and wanted to be a friend just am not sure how or what was best. Thank you again for helping me put together pieces of my life that built me stronger and prepared me for even the things I face today

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