If I die today
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2021-09-03 16:40:04 (UTC)

money money money

Last night was rough on the shoulder but remarkably finding relief today. This morning I woke up too .. AN INVOICE from my atty. oh yay and the kicker its due like the 9th. Incdeinlty althou I have saved on hand something to give them toda was my payment date anyhow so todays the day to reset my bank. And my love had to run out of town and literaly just got to his last stop for work at the same time 4 which he could have been getting home had they not had to hit the road today. so I did it I walked to the atty's office since it hard to find a ride and believe it or not theres only so many people who I talk with about this divorce. Anyhow mondays a holiday so I was worried. I stopped in the store on the wqy home for giggles I guess also to give traffice time to let up bc like a smart person lol I left around lunchtime so got the office at 1230ish which is kinda heavy on traffic in main roads so in the store I ovrheard but I couldnt look bc it burned me up inside some lady said loudly IS it madaroy to wear mask? shouldnt everyone being masking and then she went to an employee I feel snitched on. None confronted me maybe I minced what I was hearing. Anyhw I got some dog treats and a dog toy and paid cash just to piss the store off as they had a big cash shortage sign on the door with all that bullsh!t asking for exact change or electronic payment. the whole day was exhausting so after dr. phil which actually wasnt as good as the ads for it I took a nap. I walked to the local convinve store got a drink a single truly althou truly is gross it does elimate the issue of my barely llergy and lets face it I dont need drinks. I havnt opened it but its coming. And I used the ATM.
So things people should know if I die well if my keys ever got lost or go missing it would be sad everything is on my key ring. My ammo is locked in a case. My gun is not locked . my storage keys are all on keyring. of course house key Otherwise ok let suppose in some sick twisted event nDea and I both go together.. get a hold of my glasses.. Its my emergency savings. Althou if nDea isnt here then I'm not postive on who I would want to have this but I do have a balance still of my loan payment to my parents and also I've wronged so many people. mom's bday is next I already shopped for nDea and then I wanted to do something very small for nDea's sister as she did help with the pest control and she even drove me to the denist that one day but good thank you gifts are hard to find. Today was moms last day so she's offically retired. eMichell is still struggling not feeling good she texted today about antibotics so guess thats what been makin her feel bad. nDea is really sore with his back. IDK not too much intersting too note today.

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