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2021-09-04 00:07:46 (UTC)

Hardcore T***

Though the title may stir the usual hardcore I often crave. Unfiltered, uninhibited no bars, all nighters in the sheets (as so to speak) it actually refers to Jock 13 whom I fancy, who referred to me as "Hardcore T***" (my name) after I told him if I drink im a whiskey and Rum girl. To which he sent me a photo of a bottle of Jamican rum at his home and I said, "Somethings in my life....need to be hardcore". He is so collected and in charge of his emotions and lusts that he lets me know he understands what I refer too but without us going all smutty and crass. I like that. It stirs a need to push more for lustful reactions, and that's something that triggers my curiosity to seduce.

We've spoken for five hours tonight and he has asked me to meet him tomorrow night. He is a ex navy man, parted ways with a former partner the beginning of the year and I would be his first date.

He is a Virgo like me (or are we leos now 🤷‍♀️) and like me is fussy with choosing a partner. He has standards, his own home, a cute dog called, " Bach" which I liked as I am a fan of classical music and he grew up in north London. Now living in kent, near me. He had already calculated how far it is to reach me, "It's exactly 30 miles for us to reach one another".

Part of me wants to throw caution to the wind and see him tomorrow night. Oddly, at short notice earlier my daughter said she is going to see her dad tomorrow and stay at his because she wants to go hang out with the friends up thst way just so her ex boyfriend can see her on snapchat maps thst she is in the stomping ground having fun. Lol. Not the best way to treat her dad to be fair, but she chose not to see him for the last few months, he annoyed her and she's stubborn like him. However, it's a good chance for them to get back on track and I want that.

So now, I have the weekend free and a sexy, clever, chivalrous man asking to take me out!

I've been on the dating site only two days and been asked on two dates. The other jock was the " built like a brick shit house" guy but I said "no" to him.

I can either accept jock 13 (navy guy above) and meet tomorrow night or make him wait a bit longer....he said he would wait. I hadn't thought that this would happen so soon, I hadn't prepared myself (mentally) to even meet anyone. I only went in the site to chat with male company.

Jock 13 (navy guy) said he loved my green eyes and wild long hair. Lol. I dunno, I do want to find love in my life, we all do but it's very doubtful it can be found so resdily, so easily. Sometimes biting the bullet is a very wrong move and I really do appreciate my calm heart without any emotional struggle as it is.

Who do you know, who is still crazy in love with someone they met on a whim? The honeymoon phase is deceitful.