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Las Tortugas y Yo
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2021-09-03 23:20:07 (UTC)

going a little crazy at times.

Why do Latin women still have to have a hard time reaching their goal's for real, my husband has been so suportive in so many other areas of my life, but as soon as one of my goals or dreams come up he get's in this atitude of bossing me arround and asking me to go out of my way to make it hapend it realy has gotten to the end of my patience, I'm so tired of being nothing but a mom, wife and housewife, I need some alone time and time to ground my self, my doughter today truly had the biggest tantrum she had in for ever, I hate to say it but she got a grounded and spanked for her behaviour, she was perfectly willing to obey after words. So yes it still helps to dicipline them once in a while, yet stubborn kid has not learned to apologize lil stinker. she'll leanr hopefuly sooner than latter. Is not selfish to need some alone time, I've been a little over stressed since tomarrow I'll have some exams I'm presenting early morning and have not had had the time to study that I needed and with all the noise around here is been tough. Any how on a difrent note am ready to take a couple of days of next week. My online bussiness has been going awesome, got 5 people enrolled and they are so happy with there oils that makes me happy. I sure hope my financial info will go through that way I can get paid soon. Is a small compensation but any little helps wright? got to go my house is quite again so better get back to my books. Toodles.