Third 👁️ Eye Spy

2021-09-03 16:11:42 (UTC)

Chim, Chim, Cher-ee

In the middle of cooking, and oddly singing a Mary Poppins song....
"Chim, chimney
Chim, chimney
Chim, chim, cher-ee
A sweep is as lucky
As lucky can be"

No idea why.....I messaged Johnny that I had randomly started singing that and didn't know why. He replies to me and says, "Seriously. Tell me why? Be truthful please." So I reply, "Be truthful? How can I be truthful when I have no clue why Im singing it? It just popped into my head as I'm cooking. I did think of you though as I text you about it." He replies, "I was listening to it today by John Coltrane." I said, "Awww, see we're connected."

I had the engineer come out and fit a new oven seal for me as my previous one broke. That's the benefit of having insurance on all my appliances, no call out fee, get it replaced or fitted new. Job done.

My company contacted me today asking me fancy questions about the new BMW I ordered, I felt a little out of my depth to be fair, fancy things aren't usually my comfort zone but I do like quality things. Anyway, they wanted to know if I wanted a higher MPG on the BMW and sent me fancy comparisons to my Audi I drive was all a little bloopy blah and I had no idea what I was talking about. This isn't the first time, a lot of life is just about blagging your way through it. You can be successful in your endeavours just from sheer charisma and quick wit, take me for example five years as their best highest-selling saleswoman, and even to this day there are a lot of the products I know fuck all about, but that's where I delegate the work to my colleagues who specialise in those things, why the fuck should I concentrate on details, eh? Im just there to be my client go-to girl and get shit done, and my colleagues get my shit done or I get difficult and nobody wants that. LOL...Love my daddy, he taught me well. And Mr B, mustard xx

Jock 12 - Mark (52) has been messaging me on WhatsApp all day. Mark is a good looking guy, he is tall, has a rich look about him a cross between tom cruise and someone else lol...I dont even fancy tom cruise or care for the rich looking yacht looking guys....but Mark is sexy and better yet, he has a really decent personality. Not a show-off, not full of it, not slow or boring but not hyper either. Just in between and super easy to talk to. He sent me a pic of his garden today as he was chilling in after finishing work early. He isn't in a fancy job, worked in management for last twenty years.

But I like Mark. He is, however, 9 years older than me but im not too bothered about that.

Jock 13
42 - Goes by the name "snips" a south-east London guy
He keeps calling me wifey, "Good morning, wifey" and "Well, my gorgeous wifey not only am I in love with your face but your voice too, please keep talking."

I didn't.....but I found a discovery. In his profile at the bottom, it says as a conversation starter "Death row food" and I was like, oh fucking no! I will find out what this means but by the looks of the guy, "built like a brick shithouse" meaning a muscular giant bigger and more profound than big ben clocktower and he is laced in tattoos and looks fucking MEAN! But is very friendly, I can imagine things going wrong and me becoming dust, lol. But then I do have a very swift foot that can aim perfectly at nutsacks, so that might be in my favour.

Anyway, he asked me out on a date. He seems very impatient....eeek

Jock 13
The intelligent guy I fancy, shhh. He is waiting online for me now, so Im gonna go chat

Oh, I had to block jock 6 - the Latino gigolo....he got very pushy about having photos of me.

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