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2021-09-03 13:27:06 (UTC)

Random Assortment - August 2021

September 3, 2021 Friday 1:29 PM [The year is going so fast.]

Refrain Boy by ALL OFF [ED for the first season Mob Psycho 100. They made an oil paint on glass animation to go with it and it's so nice and must've taken hours upon hours of work.... In general, I love Mob Psycho's animation/art style. It's so dynamic !!!! Ok. Enough of that for now.]

Kimi wa dekinai ko by Kikuo [bruh.... the translated lyrics for this song are horrifying.]

Chu Desu! by Chunnyt, Dodogo [good to run to, and generally made good sounds in my ears]

Dream On by Mamoru Miyano [ED for Life Lessons with Uramichi-Oniisan. I wasn't sure about this show for the first episode, but it just keeps getting better with every episode release...!!!]

パラノイドパレード (Paranoid Parade) by Kinoko Teikoku [yes, this song is still here, perhaps on tenure???]

スクールフィクション by Kinoko Teikoku [Remains one of my favorites. I stumbled upon a Reddit post about this album where someone commented—5 yrs ago—that Kinoko Teikoku was a great shoegaze band, and it was a shame they transitioned into j-pop. They said it more insultingly though, LOL. They're certainly right that Kinoko Teikoku's sound changed a lot and as they got more poppy, I stopped being reliably attracted to their songs. This album, for example, is my favorite of theirs and it's very shoegazey. However, I don't really think their pop music is bad—I mean, my favorite song by them feels like pop to me (Paranoid Parade). Anyway that's all. After the band's dissolution, the lead singer, Chiaki Sato, completely transitioned into pop? I tried a couple of the songs, but I didn't really like them :/]

Nausea by Jeff Rosenstock [LOL THIS SONG IS SO TRIGGERING]

In Love by Alex G [such a sweet, sad sound. Reminds me of the soundtrack to the game Later Alligator, only if it was super sad instead.]

Ready by Alex G

Snot by Alex G [As you can see, I listened to his album Beach Music quite a few times. I was also listeninging to this youtube compilation called, like, "secret Alex G radio" or something, it was really good!!!]

Water by Alex G

The Last Emo Boy on Earth by Chinese Football

Me and My Husband by Mitski [when he walks in~~~ I am loved~~ I am LOOOVED~~ anyway I was feeling that kind of lonely. Fake-lonely. It's a strange thing. This has remained a major favorite from this album and from Mitski in general.]

Washing Machine Heart by Mitski [Ahh, sweet 2018. I remember listening to Be the Cowboy while walking around Providence at night, dying from a Super Combo Anxiety Depression Swirl! KO'd! This was my favorite off the album for a bit, I remember imagining a cute little k-pop-esque music video to this song, all bright colors and a row of dancer, etc.]

Remember My Name by Mitski [this song went a little underappreciated by me in the way-back-when. It is very good!!! Especially because of it's sort of—desperation. In part, I think this album is a love letter to the artistic process (at least, that's the feeling I get from songs like "A Pearl" and "Geyser"), so I find it very relatable, struggling with this sort of huge ego, which is both a painful hindrance and the essence of the drive to, you know—"reach for the stars." I've felt really bad in the past for just wanting to make something that.... makes people feel something, that makes them remember me. It's a thing.]

Out of Touch by Daryl Hall & Oates [been a long time since I've listened to Hall & Oates. The last time I remember is—2017. I was reading a Rick & Morty fanfiction (LOL) that had this brilliant premise. I think the fic was called "Infinity Times Infinity" and it was never finished, unfortunately, and the last update was over 2 years ago, so it's safe to say it'll never be completed. I'm not necessarily "okay" with that, but it left behind enough material that my imagination has a lot to work with.

I think I might re-read it, because as weird as it is to say, I think about that fic a lot and I think it really helped inspire some of the aesthetics that I enjoy the most in writing.

Anyway, the premise is that Morty wakes up in a post-season 2 world, where Rick is gone and Earth is basically colonized. Only he doesn't really remember the events that led to Rick disappearing at all and his room is filled with research that he doesn't understand, let alone remember doing. It has such a strong start, begins with him lying on the floor of the bathroom after passing out lol.

The story is sort of a mystery as Morty tries to understand what happened, why he keeps having headaches, etc. Also, whenever he listens to music, he phases into these memories of Morties from other dimensions, and once he comes back, he finds he's done all this writing and research that, once again, he doesn't remember doing. I remember acquiring some song recommendations from this fic. My favorite rec was "Time in a Bottle," by Jim Croce, but I'm pretty sure there was some Hall & Oates in there too.

I also remember listening to some Hall & Oates back then because my desk neighbor in New Visions—who was also my friend and my prom date and an extremely tall guy—liked 80s music and it made me want to be more interested in it. I already knew an ok amount of Tears for Fears because of my Donnie Darko obsession back in middle school. Anyway, that's all.

I'd never heard this song, but it's trending on Tik Tok and it's very good, if a bit repetitive.]

Sweet Memory by ARTHUR [this is such a weird song, I have no memory of how I found it. It's a sort of talk-singing song. I like it!!!!]

Adam by Alex G [Ugh this is... such a good song. It's so depressing though, lmao. Alex G is so good at capturing youthful perspectives..]

god by Xainey [idk who Xainey is exactly or how this song was made?? This is the only Xainey song on Spotify. But this samples an early Alex G song that I couldn't find by itself on Spotify.]

Adam's Song by Blink-182 [Alex G's song reminded me of the existence of this song, so I listened to it again. This was my second-favorite Blink 182 song after I Miss You, although it might have usurped that first place position since. It's a really freaking good song. I used to listen to this—a long, long time ago. Was I in middle school or was it after? Anyway, it hit extremely close to home. And the way the sound sort of opens up in the chorus is really nice.]

give it back by Co Shu Nie [this is one of the EDs for Jujutsu Kaisen. I hadn't heard it in awhile since we—Nadiya, Maria and I—finished watching Jujutsu Kaisen months ago. But it's on my weeb playlist, which I frequently listen to while fighting world bosses in Genshin Impact. I also listened to a lot of Motherland by Crystal Kay, which is one of the EDs from Full Metal Alchemist. I still haven't finished that show, lol. I stopped around episode 40~ ish.

Bruh I keep doing that, and I'm not sure why. I also stopped watching March Comes In Like a Lion. And Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai—although to be fair, I just started watching that show. And I never finished s1 of Beastars, but that's excusable, bc I hate that show LMAO. Even if the music is fucking great thx YOASOBI. Anyway I keep stopping shows in the middle, which I dislike, because I don't like not finishing stories that I've started.]

夜に駆ける [trans: Into the Night] by YOASOBI [it's interesting that this band translates their own songs into English sometimes. Pretty cool though!!!! Anyway this is a banger, especially the piano bits. There's a particular sound that lots of Japanese pop music has, and I don't know enough about theory to describe it properly, but the sounds always catch me off guard, the way chords travel from one to the next. It sounds bright and unpredictable, to me. I feel like dancing!!! Someone on Reddit said Jpop borrows a lot from progressive rock?? Idk man.]

It Was a Good Day by Ice Cube [this has also been trending on TikTok. I can't listen to a lot of it because, bro, it's so sexual and not in a way that I can support lmao. Which is a shame because it has such a nice beat and is just. Calming to listen to.]

I've omitted the rest of my playlist because I ended up moving it to September, since I was still listening to those songs. :)

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