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2021-09-03 09:25:41 (UTC)

Friday is just rolling along 😊

I'm liking today's pace. Woke up for a 10 min zen time before I had to get ready for morning gym class. Wasn't too bad but we had a little itty-bitty bit of punching bags. Situp on a bosu ball and two punches on the bag so it wasn't really hitting the bag much. However, my knuckles haven't healed yet so it hurts to punch. We're gonna have it tomorrow and I'm doing a double session. We got plans to have breakfast after class to a place nearby called Brookfields in Rancho Cordova. I know that place is pretty nice. Much nicer than a Denny's. I do know they have sweet potato pancakes. Not sure how really healthy that entree really is but I'm having that for sure. There'll be at least a dozen of us with both old and new cliques attending.

Anyway, today I had some quiet time after gym and took a short break at Starbucks. I had a croissant(CARBS!!!) and my under 200 calorie coffee. Now I'm back to the grind. Team mtg started. Good to have 3 monitors to be able to keep up with the mtg and to have a little goof off screen time here too. It's mtgs till noon. Sigh.. Not too exciting but also good that my brain don't have to be fried. I can just sit and listen. Comment when someone says something way off base and I need to steer them back to the subject at hand ir if they're going down the wrong rabbit trail. Sigh...

Liking the house this morning. Forgot that I hired someone to come over to clean my house so it's so nice to get up in the morning to have a somewhat cleaner home. Note to self. Next romantic partner should have some OCD issues so I get some help cleaning the house. hehe. Kidding...not kidding. 🤪 Kitchen, dining room, family room, and main bathroom are looking good. Just need to clean as I go.....till the next cleaning visit. Haha.

I had a weird dream last night. It was so weird and never had a silly dream like that before. Nothing dramatic, romantic, erotic, or scary. It was sort of funny actually. I was imagining a little pissed off bunny rabbit. A really small one. Like a mini 4 inch white bunny rabbit but it was pissed off at me and wanted to attack me. What was funny was that all I had to do was walk away for 30 seconds and it'd take the rabbit forever to get near me. Then when it was near me, I just had to use a little net to catch it and see it trying to bite me with two of the teeniest tiniest teeth like a little mouse. It was too cute to be afraid of. Funny weird dream. Maybe I better stay away from sushi and sake for awhile. Gonna blame last night's dinner for that silly dream.

Anyway, hope everyone has a good Friday. U.S. has Monday off. I strategically took Tuesday off too so yay!! Gonna be a long weekend for me to enjoy. Loving life. 😋 Doing my thing. It could be better but I'll take it what I got for now.