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2021-09-03 11:04:09 (UTC)

The Rundown 2

So far there are over 50 guys that messaged me on the dating platform and another 20 odd this morning when i just checked this afternoon. Not all are jocks, and fairly normal but a fair chunk are a bit 'special' LOL (that was sarcasm)...those will be documented. As well as some nice guys.

Jock 6
44 - Latino Gigalo - Player
Opens conversation with...
Quote: "I like your approach. I do like your photos, not stalking"
Response: "Wow, you're beautiful. How have those lovely ladies been treating you on here then?"
Quote: "They're wearing me down babe. Thanks for the compliment, you look gorgeous, delicious! Wonderful hair! *kiss emoji*"
Response: "Wearing you down? Sounds wonderful"
Quote: "Honestly, I have come out the back window some days! What is your name?"
Response: I tell him my name
Quote: " That's a great name!! Hey there, look at my gorgeous girlfriend T***! Wowww."
I dont respond
This morning....
Quote: Good morning, how are you doing, Can we chat on the phone? Here is my number"
Then finishes it with giving me his full name
Can't deny he is ultra sexy, totally my type, but likely just a long lustful ongoing fuck. A semi (lol) jock

Jock 7
43 - Mexican drug overlord secret journalist! and coronavirus survivor
Yep, you read right, LOL.
Opening conversation
Quote: "I've spent two decades searching for the one special lady, I think I found her"
Quote: "I was an undercover journalist in Mexico mixing with druglords and I survived coronavirus. So I have a lot to be thankful for because I am still here and now I live in England and seeking the one, I find you! I would like to know more about you. Would you like me to?"

No treacle, I would not like you to get to know me, please take your C19 Meckikano butt back to la-la-land. A definite jock

Jock 8
48 - Advocate (apparently)
Opening conversation
Quote: "Hey we have a lot in common and apparently I look better in person *smiley face*"
Quote: "Shall we rescue each other?"
Quote: "You can keep the mask on"
Well, considering I have no clue what the hell you're going on about, and nowhere, anywhere had I mentioned I needed rescuing on my profile. In fact, my profile says very very little, nothing much about me at all. I guess, he was looking for a reaction, but as I read this I was already suffering a frozen avalanche over my soul and emotions and blankly stared at the screen. Yeah, jock

Jock 9
55 - Machine operator who accidentally smashed his brains up in the machine ....obvs
Opening message to me
Quote: "I'm not here to say that I'm going to promise something because I'd be lying. If I meet someone and there is chemistry because we'll be in the same boat. I like sincerity, honesty, and a lot of understanding."

Yes, little pea, you do need a lot of understanding (LOL) and also an evaluation on who the fuck you're talking to, because nowhere anywhere do I mention on my profile anything I expect or look for. Also, I'm assuming a greeting doesn't merge well with your manners.....Jock

Jock 10
46 - Big bad bullshitting builder
Opening message to me
Quote: "Oh, go fuck yourself! How it is possible you're existing?"
Response: "Eh?"
Quote: "Heyaaaaaaaaaaaaa. You might be having a happy Thursday but let me come see you and I'll make it incredible!!!"
Response: "Can't, I'm rubbing chilli in my eyes tonight"
Quote: "That's fine, you don't need to see anything"
Response: "That depends on if there is anything to see."
Quote: "Oh, trust me, babe, there is plenty to see"
Response: "Think, I'll stick with the excruciating pain and torture of chilli in my eyes"
Quote: "No, don't go. Where do you live? I'll come to show you what I mean."
Response: "Please leave a message after the beep."

Mhm, a definite jock

Jock 11
44 - Mr Married loves to cheat
Opening message
Quote: "Mmm, v.nice"
Quote: "My name friendly and fun times says it all you know"
Response: "Wow, what a catch you are!"
Quote: "Hey darling! Yes, I am and I want to catch you!"
Ignore him
Quote: "Where did you go?"
Response: "Sorry, I've got diarrhoea, I was on the loo."
Quote: "All better now?"
Response: "It comes at sudden times, and worst of all and I am embarrassed to say this, but, when I do my neighbour 'favours' I sometimes shit all over his dick, but the ultimate was when he was going down on me. Oh dear god, that memory will stay with me forever!"
Quote: "You're disgusting!"

Lmao! A definite jock