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2021-09-02 21:40:33 (UTC)

A good day where everything clicked 😊

Ever had a day where everything worked out? Yeah...I had one of those days. Work had some challenges. I ended up helping out some co-workers from something that could have gone way off course. I admit it was sorta by luck. Not luck but I used common sense and figured it out. So I was the hero for the day.

Gym class? It was easy or I thought it was easy so when I left, my friend Jenny was about to start her session and I told her it was easy. She called me back later and said that I lied! Hahaha. She said it was so hard. I thought it wasn't. I was hurting but it was the residual pain I got from the workout a day or so ago. My lats and shoulder muscles are hurting. I was at the data center today and used the stairs to go down and noticed my legs were hurting too. I know why too. I was doing one legged glue bridges balancing on a bosu ball. I made it more challenging by putting a 50 lb slam ball on my gut and doing it while one leg was up in the air. It seemed like a good thing at the time and I didn't feel any discomfort at all. Well, 24 hrs later and it sure enough got uncomfortable alright. I was going down the stairs and I had to grab the railing because my leg muscles were still recovering from it. hehe

So I hired a maid or housecleaner person. I had to get ready for dinner with Heidi and our friends and so I left the housecleaner to do her thing. We had sushi and it was so much fun talking to them. We've known each other for about 12 yrs now so I have zero filter when I speak. People say they do but I for sure say it. One of the girls in high school say that no one likes her or talks to her and she doesn't have any friends. I told her to show some cleavage and it'll happen. hehe. Kidding of course. I've know her for over ten years too so they know I'm not creepy. One lady says not to ever listen to Mondo. her daughter was the waitress for us too so we tipped her very well. Heidi jumps in and say that i told her to show cleavage when she went out shopping for her BMW. But she said that she don't have cleavage so what does she do? Her boyfriend is there too and we get along like a close knit family. I look at her. Then I look at her cleavage to make I'm obvious that I'm looking. Then I told Heidi while she's drinking a sake, " Well, next time your car shopping, bring coupons". She spit out her drink gagging/laughing and her boyfriend laughs out loud hysterically. When she was done laughing too, she told her boyfriend that he's not supposed to laugh also. hehe. We have so much fun together. When my kiddos were with me, their kiddos used to play together.

They also are planning on a few other events. The waitress is the daughter of one of the people having dinner. She's graduating from high school so we're gonna have a bash for her shortly. We are having a party boat trip on the Sacramento River. Alcohol, dancing, etc, etc will be involved. Told them it's not an easy thing for me because that was the first date I had with Tara when I was with her and I wasn't sure if I'm ready for it. They told me to get over it already and it was the same thing I said last year when they did the same event. I didn't realize they did this last year too. Sooo.... I dunno. I think I'll be ok but I don't want any flashbacks from the past if I can help it. There is manning up and there are times you want to avoid the land mines. Then on another Friday, they want to go to happy hr. Not sure if it's for tomorrow or the Friday after. Pffft.

Anyway, we hung around for 2 1/2 hrs at the restaurant closing it down but it felt like 1/2 an hr. Even the teens were saying "Hey, we got school tomorrow, let's go home". Friends.... good ones sure can make your day much better. So I just now got home and the house is so tricking clean. I just paid for 2.5 hrs and the house looks awesome compared to what it as before and this was her first initial cleaning. Imagine how it'll look once it's all caught up. I am impressed.

So tonight, I'm in a great mood. I should sleep well from a good dinner and some sake in my tummy. My upper body muscles still hurt. Just lifting my arms to stretch and I feel my delts, lats,, tricep, and whatever little strands of so called muscled on me are hurting. Tomorrow should be booty Friday meaning legs and ass muscles are going to be worked on.

Also, my gym peeps are getting a luncheon after this Saturday's double workout so I'll be attending that too. I was even the one that suggested the place and we are actually going there. Yipes!!! Well, they serve Mimosas so all parties should be happy. I'll check to see if Sadia is there Saturday and if she isn't married, I'll see if she wants to go. Augusta is going and about 11 others. Should be interesting.

I'm full and I'm tired. Gonna get night cap and call it a day. What a wonderful day it was too. Only thing that could top it would be know... man needs. hehe.

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