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2021-09-03 00:11:29 (UTC)

Space Cadet Adopts a Raillord

Dr. Wood LXVII

No noise coming from upstairs… serene weather… what a peaceful day it’s been. I didn’t realize the number that Hurricane Ida did on areas around me. It rained a ton yesterday evening, but it didn’t seem like any damage occurred within my vicinity. But when my aunt texted me asking if I was doing all right, I assumed she was referring to the storm, in which case I realized my underestimation of it. I’m so out of tune with the goings on of the world anymore. If it wasn’t for the brief newsflashes that appear on the screen when I open my search browser at work, I might as well live under a rock. I probably come off as really dull when people bring up current events to me. I get the value of staying current… but in my shallow perspective, it’s putting in more effort to become more depressed. It’s like paying someone to take my food and merchandise away from me. In some respects, if there’s something that I can reasonably do to help, or some way that I can protect myself, which can be gleaned from keeping up with current events, then yeah, I’ll admit my moral shortcoming. But that aside, there’s a lot of crap that I can’t change, and looking deeply into that crap will either 1.) make me depressed; 2.) suggest that I should feel like “there is no faith to be had in the world”; or 3.) get me somehow more politically involved… and I don’t mean that in a good way. Politics anymore has deviated drastically from its core purpose of “serving the people”. Well, actually, I’m wrong on that. I think politics is probably, for the most part, still faithful to that cause. It’s the portrayal of politics, and the resultant dramatic, condescending and radical “holier than thou” culture that people take up over social media, that really grinds my gears. I don’t have time for that crap. I’m gonna die in like five decades, if I’m lucky. I have other crap to give craps about.

So screw all that noise, let’s talk about better stuff. I just finished the Reina route in Maitetsu – and I can’t believe I’m almost completely done with the game (minus the H-scenes… which I have not done any more of since the first one I viewed). Reina’s route was… interesting. It’s really hard to imagine Sotetsu marrying her considering she looks like a toddler, even though she’s apparently over the legal age for marriage (and isn’t human). That aside, there’s a spectrum for anime characters that exists, as of just a few seconds ago (I’m making it up as I go along), where the far-left side is “protect with all your might”, and the far-right side is “thirstily lust after”. Y’know, for you weeaboo ethnographers… on the right side you have your Rias Gremorys, your Momo Belia Devilukes, your Mami Nanamis… and your Makura Migitas. Then as you move gradually to the left, lascivious simping gives way to slightly purer simping. Orihime Inoue, Chizuru Ichinose, Miku Nakano, Hifumi Takimoto (heh), Ranka Lee, Shiina Mayuri… ‘till you get to the point of most wholesome romantic attraction (Sawako Kuronuma, Nagisa Furukawa). And then you go beyond that into the “protect” territory, where romantic attraction yields to wanting to be a bodyguard for that individual. This would be your Kanna Kamuis, your Yoshino Himekawas, your Eris (from My Hero Academia). And then you have Reina. All of that buildup was for me to say that I wanna protect the fudge outta Reina. So darn adorable. And – ugh – to think she actually has H-scenes in the game too… yikes. But anyway, my whole point is that, with Reina being Paulette’s raillord, and me wanting to marry a real-life Paulette, I would totally adopt Reina as my daughter. To have a hardworking, dependable and sweet-hearted wife, and a well-behaved, intelligent and angelic child… that would be the one very obscure imaginary family I would be okay with having. I know the Maitetsu world is not the real world, so I get that I shouldn’t hold out for it. Just sayin’.

Anyway, now that I’ve written down everything I wanted to talk about from yesterday (yeah, it was really just that much), I can now say that I feel weird because I just got finished an hour and fifteen-minute call with my brother, and we talked a lot about the effects of the hurricane and how it screwed up his area. He was fine – wasn’t really affected by it – but his one friend had his basement storage area completely flooded. Then he talked about a tornado that was in the area of one of our cousins’ (second cousins’?) family, which didn’t hit said family, but completely leveled some surrounding houses. Oh, and he mentioned that my aunt has COVID, and that he’s gonna get tested for it tomorrow. My aunt is doing fine (thank goodness), but she will not be going to the mountains with us. And as for Eric… well, if he tests positive, he won’t be able to go either, and that’ll suck majorly. I love hanging out with him, and I envisioned us having a blast at the mountains together. Oh please, powers of the world that I kinda don’t believe in but will entreat anyway – please let him test negative for COVID. Please let him come to the mountains with us. I’m already depressed from that conversation about the flooding and the tornado, and knowing my aunt (who is vaccinated) has COVID… please don’t add any more salt to the wound.

I was gonna spend all my time to just talk about how I wanted to adopt and protect Reina, and here I am talking about the same thing I was planning to avoid in the paragraph above. Funny how my disposition can change in mid-entry. It’s humbling how quickly change can happen. Very soon, there will be a point at which I will be done with Maitetsu, and I won’t have that comfort of escaping into the world of Ohitoyo anymore (well, I can still revisit it, but I’ll have already known everything that happens). I’ll find a new visual novel to drool over, which is exactly what happened when I jumped from Clannad to Maitetsu. From time to time, I still also think about my old truck. It’s been a few months now since I’d sold it, I think? Maybe like a month and a half? I really, really have to remind myself that my life as I know it is not something to take for granted. Lately I’ve been really absorbed in a set routine (do work, write posts for my page, play Skullgirls, roll in Muda, watch anime), and I don’t think I’ve taken a ton of time to indulge in my ephemeral pleasures. Life sure has a way of passing quickly without us knowing. Really catches us off guard then when changes do arise. Well whatever – I didn’t mean to end this on a depressing note. I’ll just keep my fingers crossed for my brother’s COVID results, and curiously think about the 0.1% possibility of the dimension where I actually have a wife and a child.

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