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2021-09-03 00:09:03 (UTC)

The Rundown 1

To make it easier for me during this next phase of dating I've decided to give the men names on a simplier scale by naming them 'Jock 1"...."Jock 2" and so on, they won't all turn out to be jocks but we all know the majority will, lmao.

And for entertainment purposes (for me mostly) I want to document all the crazies, creepies and sexies and more as I go along. Yes, I could just make Tiktoks and video record the documentation of human wankiness, but writing soothes me at times and I prefer this plus I don't have much else going on, lmao.

So, let's get started.....*deep exhale* lol

Jock 1 - A creepy
44, local, opens a conversation that he has sold his house and looking to buy another. Goes on to tell me if he doesn't find a home before his completion goes through he could stay at his dad's. RED FLAG, because I know what this interprets to = Meaning, he wants to back peddle onto a single ladies life, with her own home and money and move out of his dad's house because he never owned a house in the first place and live happily ever after on said lady's lifestyle.
After those pieces of information he shared with me he went on to clarify for me that my interpretation was indeed correct as his only questions after this was all about where I live (exactly), who built my house (to locate me) what type of house I live in and all about my career. Nothing else. LOL...A definite jock

Jock 2 - A mumma's boy
28, Mr dominantSir - his name choice not mine.
A young lad who prefers an older woman and wants to control her in the bedroom with ....wait for it.....*pukes* sensual domination.
*puke, puke, puke*
Interpretation = Wants to sponge off a financially stable woman (usually older) and feel all big and powerful controlling her.....A definite jock

Jock 3 - Mr Bigshot
51 - Mr L.A. Man
Quote: "If I don't get any results within the next week I'll be flying back to L.A where I am appreciated"
Quote: "My suggestion to you is if you have no luck here, try Bumble or Hinge but it's doubtful you'll need them now I am here."
Quote: "Wow, I am impressed. I have not once come across a woman's profile who mentions an interest in metaphysics. I'm intrigued."
Need I say more? .....A definite jock

Jock 4 - Cock Swinger
39 - Full of it, probably got herpes
Opens the conversation with "Phwoar! I'd make you drip all night" and then, "C, mon babe, let me show you what real cock can do?"

Yes, Mr Cock swinger, you're a real cock, one I wish not to receive herpes from, thanks....A definite jock

Jock 5 - Gold digger
33 - Pointless cunt
Quote: "Hi baby, so what do you do for work?"
Response: I know it says I am a professional but it's not what you think."
Quote: "Are you loaded?"
Response: "Fully loaded yes, I fuck rich fat balding men and they pump with their spunk day and night. I am a sex slave."
Quote: "Cool! Count me in"

lmao.....A definite jock

There is more, many more jocks to note, unfortunately, but for now, I need my sleep.