Third 👁️ Eye Spy

2021-09-02 23:19:01 (UTC)

Interesting evening…Overwhelmingly so

Well, my first conclusion is that people make me angry with the world. I've noticed when I left the dating scene a while back and put on my bloomers (lol) joke! That I was quite fed up and stressed and that I aimed at men, the men I came across anyway.

If anybody has been reading my journey through my single dating life, they would know the types of characters I come across. All those men had big-time issues going on, unconnected to me. They came into my world with their issuey shite and expected me to take it on just because I was single and on the dating scene. No chums, it doesn't work like that, not in my world.

Why on earth would I want to mother or nurture a grown man and his issues when I have a perfectly stable and wholesome life. Just because he might be sexy, or just because I am single, I'd much rather be single and unplagued by said bullshit.

Anyway, what I noticed tonight on the dating platform chatting to numerous guys is that I was back to my old self, gentle, polite, chatty, friendly and warm. Unbothered. I don't have expectations or a need of a particular man, I just wanted to talk to a man who isn't already my friend or family member.

And I got such warm, respectful men messaging me. Two of which have already moved over to my WhatsApp. Another sent me a message, "For the love of God xxxx" and continued with "If it were right to ask your hand at this stage I certainly would" he is a nice guy, a big buff gym guy. We've been chatting he is not a boy in a man's body either lol.

There are two guys I am drawn to, one for how sexy looking he is lol, and the other for how clever he is. Yet, the men I am talking to want to meet a woman for a long term relationship. I am open to it but not as enthusiastic as I was previously.

For me, there is no rush. After all, love is not a fast process by any means and, it can find you in ways you never expected or thought possible. However, lust, infatuation, sex is all fast things that die young and are two to a penny. I think I can spot the difference now.

So my second conclusion is it might be sensible not to spend too much time on a dating site if nothing comes of it every few weeks. For my sanity and faith in human beings, it might be wise I step back at the right time and revert to myself now and then so I do not become a bitter woman-hating on men. Because not all men are cunts.