If I die today
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2021-09-02 14:31:40 (UTC)

pain in the neck

Having some neck/shoulder pain left side its persistant think my sleeping postion aggraivates it and maybe my backpack? aggraices it. meeting up with eMichell didnt happen she's still not feeling her best . I'm pretty sore so I smoked. i guess it took the edge off but nothing impressive and I wouldnt say I found the cure. I've done 2 shoulder release workouts as well. most nDea;s presents came today that good. I still dont know if I actually did good shopping for him. i feel pretty crappy overall just the pain I guess; did one load laundry since I'm sore and the dam drier didnt dry i have lotsa complaints its one of those days. oh so Idk if I've ever documented this so one thing thinking about the whole caregicing thing and the rFoste's so toward the end when i got moved into the garage i was told I couldnt have curtians bc I "stink" so heres the odd thing I know they had a drone I dont know if it was ever used or whatever but its a weird little tid bit of info I'm hung up with in my mind now and I repeadly look back how did I get there? Anyhow tryin to heal . nothing inspired me much today. anyhow this is about all I got to say