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2021-09-02 15:53:23 (UTC)

Special delivery

I have spent the last few days doing lots of DIY and enjoying it, along with supporting my daughter who decided she didn't want to continue with her boyfriend who she was with for a year but even so she is still heartbroken. She has refused to talk to or spend time with anybody else other than me.

I am proud of her but vigilant to the fact that it's not always wise to shut out everybody, so encourage her to keep up her friendships with the others she felt were supportive.

However, it has felt like my daughter reverted to her younger self when she came to me for a cuddle, comfort and nurture. She has stayed with me in the evenings, daytimes, helped me with DIY and cuddled up to me on the sofa or in my bed with me at night to feel secure. Last night, twiddling her hair while she lay on me and fell asleep was special.

However, the tears have slowed down now and she is very slowly gaining emotional strength again, very slowly. It's hard when the heart craves the love they have and the mind stubbles through old memories of little things that make you pine for each other all the while her self-esteem, self-respect wants to take charge and keep her boundaries in place. That is a very hard thing to do for adults, let alone teenagers. I am ultra proud of her.

Anyway, other news. My Black BMW has been ordered and is being built and will take between 3-6 months. My company will extend the lease on the Audi until my BMW gets delivered to me. Lovely jubbly, thank you very muchly. This time around with the new scheme in place, the vehicle will be owned by me (not a company vehicle) but my company will pay for the insurance, road tax and maintenance for it and I'm better off in pocket with not paying company benefit in kind to my company for having the Audi. In fact, I am £400 better off each month and that's all thanks to the great company I work for, Cheers!

Also, I decided I wanted to have some male company again but this time I am not pandering to the criteria of what must be and how you should be on a dating site. I will be just what I want to be. So I rejoined, just to chat with not much care to actually meet anybody, I will not offer to date this or that guy just because they want to get to know me and do the whole trillion dates a week. No, anyone who wishes for that can carry on with their serial dating. I won't be doing that. I added a few photos, nothing racey, or telling. And within 15 minutes twenty-four men had messaged me to chat to me, not sure what it is on now but I did feel a little overwhelmed as these guys messages were coming in. I answered a few but then logged off due to a work webinar I had to do.

See how it goes, I suppose. I am certainly in no rush or even have much care for it to be fair, just wanted to chat to a male adult that isn't family, or my friend, LOL. I wonder how far I'll get when these men realise I won't be sending them any saucy photos or saucy texts. I am going to seem so plain and mundane, but I don't care.

Oh, and I received three gift cards worth £90 and all my garden lights but the company I bought them all from said they got lost in transit...hahahahaha, so resent me another lot of gift cards and refunded me for all the lights. Turns out the original gift cards and new ones are all, well, its the way the cookie crumbles, aye :))) LOL.....Well, I'm a Londoner, it's what we do...Innit del boy?