By Myself

Somewhere I Belong
2021-09-02 17:52:38 (UTC)

Ghost shaped people.

The song is in my head all day. gotta love it.

sunday can't wait for it.

depression sucks. feeling of empty sucks. i know i need to get my shit together but then the voice in my head asks why and i don't have an answer for it. why should i exercsice and make my body look better if im still going to be an outcast. why should i be happy and help others when inside im just ready to throw in the towel. why should i share my excitement when there is nobody who can feel the same. why should i even be alive??

every human for itself. all about me. thats the kind of story we all are shown to us by the media. just scrolling through all of the media one can start to paint a picture of the overall world of affairs. we as consumers of content are shown a wide range of human acts and their behaviors. from the super rich celebrities who have a whole section dedicated to them as soon as they step out the house and in depth articles on their fashion and what they wear and the whole cosmic story on why. then we move across to the other end of the spectrum where the teachers are protesting on irregular payment of their salaries. then we move even lower in the im good enough for humanity where we get to see the poorest of them humans fighting for their daily survival. like an article about the dude whose only job is to fish out dead bodies from a river. and how can we forget about the corruption and the rape cases which are there daily for the readers. and did i also mention rape of minors is a speciality of the people from india. regular cases updated for your reading pleasure.

then somewhere in between the media gives us some news on how the infrastructure is in shambles. to make us more angry and frustrated. almost all the news out there is negative. it's like there is no good done in the city. actually there isn't but still there gotta be some good deeds. alas there will be some good news but theres a catch. it will also be from them celebrities cause the media have their noses stuck up so high and deep its fabulous. with headlines crafted in such awe such as celebrities spotted in town wearing blahh they are some endangered creatures who need more attention. like they aint getting enough already.

with all this happening it kinda makes you think that is there such thing as humanity left. the rich and happy will always boast on it. the poor will always be frustrated. as the news agencies will always make millions from keeping us in constant fear and anger.


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