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2021-09-02 11:27:25 (UTC)

Emotional breakdown and bad news

Today while talking with R over a phone I had an emotional breakdown & I cried offfooo... I do not usually cry with people but it went with the flow when I talk about tough time I had last year. hHe was very understanding to take it normally, be made me understand that things will get fine eventually. Actually i needed that cry too as i had some sad feeling in me to constantly receiving bad news which ill mention below.
So R and I talk a lot we need 2 hrs to talk it out and we can still go on because of time restrain we do not haha... R is a good guy I hope he gets his personal mess sort out soon. He confessed today that he feelsngood after talking to me. He said he doesn't feel judged or he don't have to think before talking to me and I'm best girl he has ever talked to. Wow i was glad to hear that.

G ufff G is a nice guy too. What I don't like abt him is that he just keep on talking sexual romantic things. He never discuss practical things I really dnt want to judge him on that but also dnt want to blind eye on this. He speak to me like He is so sure about me getting married haha he is funny.
Practically R is a good choice but at present if i have to make decisions based on current situation G is a better option haha... so confused but i have decided it will be FIFA.
Bad news
A 26yrs old instagrammer i use to follow who was a distiller is no more. He lost his life on the beach when he went drunk swim at midnight it was so shocking for me. That i felt gutted I cannot imagine what his parents have to go through. His friends are guttes too and i keep reading their stories wriiten about him and how lively he was. I heart goes for him. He was very regular on insta sharing his good life i always wondered how fun his life is but never knew that how short his life was. May he RIP and god give strength to his family.
2nd bad news was dismise on a famous 40yrs young actor Siddharth Shukla it was sudden. I was terrified and shocked to know about his dismise this make me think how fragile life is. I felt like crying and i cried today. May he RIP and may god give strength to his loved ones.
God please bless everyone.
Yesterday I gave interview and I am so looking forward for this opportunity. I prayed to god this i want it anyhow. Pls plss