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2021-09-02 09:06:00 (UTC)

Seven years caretakers

‎Thursday, ‎September ‎2, ‎2021

John Lewis

[email protected]


Old Man's Complains

On the first of the month of the above date, I had a visit from the caretakers youngest son. The prison druggie, drunken foolish numskull.
Not very friendly start out is it. This young punk as he is known to me just that a punk. States he wants proof of everything that his dad, mom did not do for for receiving free money at start of over seven hundred dollars a month, then ending to be $350.00 a month, as mommy Mrs. Kemp wanted to live in the rooms that use to be rented. No problem. After all they were getting rent free for now over five years, after all we can't agree as the time that they lived here gets shorter as the years add up. Now really going into eight years.
After all, I warned them that paying the electric, gas, water, and trash. By the way the trash has not been paid in seven years from what I learned. Even cable changed every few months without paying for, till many changes started to make it free with iPhone or all phones connecting to cable and not paying $100.00's plus for Cox, or any cable company.
This youngster, Well from the way I see him since knowing him when he was 14 always playing with one of my grandkids also at time 13 or 14. This alone will take you back to 2007. But, didn't start taking messages and reporting daily on many avenues that interested me until run in with really filthy dumb order controllers or else. Even dealing with bad sheriff, police, and anyone feeling they were not as a citizen. Citizens are considered by these up pies as being above anyone that has been given the power to control. At that time not even a year here I was stolen from $6,000.00 from a safe in which I was going to bid on renter property for preparing for retiring and close to Social Security at the time even. Had enough same up. Many of these stories will be found in the following. Many are changed year to year. Only because the powers to be always want to delete as picky any and all stories I post. Never knowing that it is impossible to do. Best way is to rename the story by any means and making the courts as well as others that I had run inn's with over always money or not wishing to be controlled in the first place if I am RIGHT!,
Now each of the links below will be for this caretakers as I stated were Mr. Jimmy Johnson & Mrs. Kimberly Kemp, there sons, Hershel Johnson, and James Kemp, both are older men today in their 30's. But, always knew them as kids, and still look at my own in their 50's as kids today even. They had one son Billy Kemp, killed in a car accident, drunk was the ruling with another passage, who I did not know. I lost a son as well October 10th, 2020.
Now all the four kemps/Johnsons (4) lived in a room RENT FREE for seven years free. Nothing in money ever taken, but from the oldest son James Kemp, and then only 10% of whatever his wages was from working at fast foods. Normally $150.00-275.00 a week. Ten percent for taking him back and forth to work. $15.00 up to $30.00 a week. Made him feel good to be paying for his room.
The rest can be read by going to the links. After all I want to be sure that all four (4) of these kemps/Johnsons now known as Mr. & Mrs. Kemp, married this year as Kemp/Johnson. I am not sure, but can look that up yourself as I also can and have done for the name that was picked. But, I will always know them as Mr. Johnson & Miss Ms. Mrs. Kempt.
This is more of a refresher course for daddy Johnson and hi youngest son, as they never agree even when agreeing. Fighting anytime of the day or night when Hershel comes to visit everyday.
Hershel Johnson moved out with two kids to Leslie, whatever name will also be shown when she married and divorced days later to be with Hershel Johnson. Now, only the two kemps and one son stay here for $400.00 a month with three rooms. Was to be $350.00 as normal price if and when I rent them. But, until things are cleaned up and trash taken from property for thousand or so bucks, I will deal with and do my best to be as fair as possible with these people I call caretakers, in exchange of paying two hundred on all bills that they did pay. Notice I said did pay! Now for the links if find this interesting then read daily or at least weekly as I write about something they all pull on me by stealing and re-selling for extra money for drugs and alcohol and smokes and so on. My phone number is well known as well as the address and email. After certain time I will change all, but always still keep all I written here on the WORLD INTERNET.

Ok, I was going to list all of them, but you get the idea as to how to get those months that I don't list. After all I wrote on a lot of things many mother outsiders of this sick family I live with will be in here. But, a lot of really bad memories also been coming up. Besides you can see I kemp all in a month to month some place. Since I write every few day or everyday, that is a lot of stories. But, I did tell Hershel Johnson, which I hope learns to become a father and not like how he was raised as a thief, destroyer of those he doesn't like. Care takers, proof when here longer than you think. Many more stories, but when I need to use them, be assure that I will. I just want6ed to get the date as close as to what your saying to your son's. Now, been here only five years, what a crock. Some people are not as stupid as you or you think!

If you got this far, I also hope that you did follow the links in all messages as they did or do lead to more news as to family and everyday life.

Hershel Johnson, Mr.& Mrs. Kemp Johnson/Kemp. I rest my case, and as I said, keep sending in your kids, or keep saying we already paid and all that other bullshit lie's. This crap your pulling does not work with me.
I dropped the rent in your case from $500.00 for both of you in one room, only because Mrs. Kemp/Johnson, you stated, you only had $100.00 left to live on for the month. Also a Lie, but I already know the facts as well as the truth. Your even taking advantage OF YOUR SON James Kemp away in a group home wanting to get his life on track. He called two days ago, with Dad Johnson on other end of line asking me to give the key to his vehicle that he paid $1200.00 for plus how ever much money his little brother kept taking and saying he owed me that from taxes on his brothers kids etc.
Your not going to repair that piece of shit for mother kemp to use and go to work, and you know it. Your going to get $400.00 for taking it to the wrecking yard. If you listened closely when I told your son James, that remember your sending Ricky into my room to get the key to the truck to give to your dad, because of all the bullshit lie's that your dad is going to repair it and mothers hen is going back to work.
I so wanted to say, no but not one to tell another adult what to do with their money between family members. I will say, that is really low life, not worth even a hundred bucks, in my own opinion.
Now, if I hear any more bullshit that your family put in thousands of dollars of work on this property and it is clean and in better condition than when you moved in over seven years ago. (Proof shown this). If I hear anything more as to trash been paid when it has not been paid and I know I will end up paying for it sooner or later. After all, whatever you have going to get it picked up because Mss. Kemp you dad dies and paid the bill. I just know that your rent will go to $350.00 per room if want to be apart as a married partner. Ricky pays $350.00 and you even took advantage of him and he lives on less than the two of you. Not to mention that your youngest son gets $900.00 a month in snap while living at leslies Gray dad. whoops I mean Leslie Johnson, forget they are married.
But, hear anything at all offensive or sending your kid into my room to prove my dad owes $150.00. He knows he does, your mom still has the bill to prove it, and I am still waiting to be given back to me along with the $150.00, really $200.00. But, our older son not here for me to prove James Kemp took that money that dad gave back to Ricky and give to me, then James comes in and states dad made a mistake and wants his $00.00 back. Well, that is already proven as well and hundreds of other links also listed that I am not going to the trouble to search out. You should know how to do it, as well as everyone else on the computer to search out years you been on the internet even under many different providers.
If rent of $400.00 a month is not paid by the 3rd, and by noon, then move out! After noon it will go back to $350.00 a month per room, as Ricky is or feels he is being screwed, and wanted his rent at Two hundred a month. Ricky was told he is welcome to move if he feels the rent is too much as well your told for one last time. $400.00 a month for two rooms, why you two can't stay together is weird, but never know as drunks are weird anyways. I was weird as well when drinking heavy in my younger days, But, close to seventy-five drinking would have killed me. Like hell if you think stressing me as you have for the last seven years won't work. I use to rent house for income and had five at the time I started.
After noon, the rent is as I said $500.00 a month for one room, or $350.00 per room if wanting to live as you have. Remember $400.00 or two hundred per room only if paid by noon on the third. No longer going to verbally tell or agree when you wish to continue to play your stupid games it was the other two faggots that did all this mess and they never paid the bills. This has been going on for seven years plus. Meaning July going on eight years.
Again, many of you going to the links over all these years, will be reminded of things that you even forgot, and all I can say is I am sorry, as a lot of the beheading, and burning in cages also reminded me and how the future is going worst today!
One more thing Miss Kemp., since I am giving you a deal at two hundred a month for your husbands rooms instead of $500.00 for both of you, or $350.00 each as Ricky has to pay. You could at least clean up all the food in your son'd James room that he has everywhere from what my son and the workers told me. There paid for doing all this work, but a lot is freely done because my son knows I never ever allowed anyone to live trash. If can't clean up the food out of your son's James Kemp room then I would check for some place else. My son is doing what his brother did, but he is a cleaning nut period. Don't do what he feels you should because he is your son, and doing great in the progam and I did tell him to stay there as long as he needed. He pays rent where he is as well as for food. Leave his computers as they work as well as television. Bagging up his stuff means all his dirty clothes and bedding, as Jr my son bought you big bags for that reason. They sprayed down the while house, but you complain about the smell. The spray lasts smelling only a couple hours.
If workers have to do what you should do, then be prepared for whatever changes I have planned to happen sooner than later.

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