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2021-09-01 22:54:01 (UTC)

Space Cadet Curses His Upstairs Neighbors

Dr. Wood LXVI

Before anything, I need to ask – what in the name of fudge is going on in the apartment above me?! For like a half hour I’ve been worried about someone falling through my ceiling. There’s like a loud but muffled, steady oscillation of creaking and rocking, with the occasional pitter-patter of footsteps. This isn’t a new occurrence, but today it just feels louder or perhaps more forceful. My first thought is that someone’s gettin’ it on… but I don’t think that’s the case. Not that I’ve ever been in the vicinity of people going at it, but it just doesn’t strike me as that kind of rhythm. It’s more like someone’s exercising or something, like using one of those workout trampolines. Is there a name for those things? I have no idea how someone can generate so much noise. Do I do this at all when I let out shouts of frustration due to things that happen at work? Nah, it’s never this bad, not even close. I can feel my entire body vibrating, there’s like a friggin’ stampede upstairs. Okay I actually just took a video of it (mainly for the audio), and even turned off my AC for a bit to capture the noise. I even noticed that my ceiling was bowing slightly with each undulation. It’s actually worrying me a bit. I’m considering bringing this up to management. I’m not really one for confrontation, even if it’s as indirect as telling management something about another tenant (I’ve never had to do that before)… and I’m ESPECIALLY less keen about as much after having watched so many MrBallen videos. The irrational side of my brain is telling me that if I complain, the tenants will hire a hitman on me. Yeah, my imagination’s gotten wilder over the past few weeks. But I know that’s a very out-there thought. And even if something like that did happen… at least I wouldn’t hear the noise anymore.

Okay… I probably should bite my tongue before I say this (or bite my fingers because I’m typing it)… but the noise has subsided. They finally ran out of condoms. Heh. What if they’re actually doing something very wholesome or altruistic, like hosting a CPR class and practicing the chest presses? For some reason that was the first joke possibility I could come up with. I had this idea in mind that I’d come up with a slew of funny reasons for why there might be banging on the floor above me, and I was already scraping the bottom of the wittiness barrel before I had even started.

All right it’s actually the next day now – I’d meant to continue writing but I ended up having a call with a friend of mine. I think I’m gonna write another entry tomorrow as I have more to talk about, and I’ll just keep this one short. It’s already late anyway. Fortunately, no rockin’ and bangin’ on the upper floor today. This weekend I’ll be going up to the mountains with some family. I usually go more than once during the summer but this summer I happened to skimp out on my visits. As much as I don’t care to sleep over anywhere other than my own abode, I absolutely love it at the cabin we have there. I have a lot of good memories of it and just hanging out around Harvey’s Lake. I love going out on the water, eating pizza at Grotto, playing cards and laughing with the family, gorging myself on the hill of snacks that always manage to end up on the counter, right in front of the blowing AC. As long as I make the plan well ahead of time to spend multiple nights in a row not at my home, I can deal with it. And I’ve been planning to go up to the lake this Labor Day weekend for a while now. I’m very much looking forward to it. I’ve been doing some extra work to prepare for it as well, like getting enough posts for my postcard page scheduled so that I don’t have to worry about it during the trip nor after. I’m on track for getting my overtime done before the normal end of my shift on Friday, too. I think this is gonna be a really fun weekend.

Now for the weeby updates – I just finished a show called Time Travel Girl, which was really charming! Definitely nothing off-the-wall and relatively simple as far as time travel anime goes (it’s no Steins;Gate), but very likable and rather informative (the main character goes back in time and visits scientists like Ben Franklin and Thomas Edison). Almost done with Kanokon – that one’s been an interesting ride haha. Uh let’s see… oh, I’ve added Chi’s Sweet Adventure to my “while I’m at work” shows list, and that’s another one that’s just been adorably lovable. I mainly started watching it because Perfume does the opening, and Perfume is an amazing band. So you could say I came for the bangin’ intro, and stayed for the wholesome content. I’m thinking about what I should watch to replace Time Travel Girl. I’ve come across a lot of really obscure shows lately, and my plan-to-watch list just keeps growing. It’s nice knowing I’ll never run out of shows to watch in my lifetime, but it’s also overwhelming when I still want to watch them all.

This felt like a bit of a weak entry, and I think it’s because I wrote it out in the span of two days, both of which I felt like I had to rush a bit since it was getting late while I was writing. I wanna do one more entry before I go off on my trip to the mountains, though. So stay tuned, ethnographers!

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