If I die today
2021-09-01 15:33:42 (UTC)

lazy wishlist

Today has been a lazy day. Much confusion when I texted eMichell to find out if she wanted to go for a walk at 9ish this morning with me and the dog. Anyhow after 1 we figured out she might be able to do tommrow at 1030 if she is feeling better she got dizzy this afternoon after we decided to do 1. Anyhow its a nice day out did walk the dog and very minimal running around 10 this morning it was sorta lazy. Not too accomplished in the chores today very distracted. havnt figured out when/how I'm going to do laundry unless I do it after lunch tommorw assuming we do a 1030 walk or I could do it really early but I have no pep in my step low enery mornings. By after lunch im pooped too. Meh. I started back the usual vitimans as today is the 1st of the month. I took a scrool thru my amazon wish list and did delete some things. I spiffied it up a little. I guess that doesnt matter but who knows one day I might be suprised. my parents to tend to use it as a guide but otherwise well I dont think it has served a purpose. not too much weighing on me . Had a good sleep it worked out the nDea was tired after working overtime again into the evening yesterday so we were aslep by 9 and awake 5ish around 3am the temps were shifting and the dog must have been getting squirely or maybe just human movement so the wakeups started around 3. so whats on my mind most is the Seamonster I cant shake this and I do think this could be the death of us but nothing happened yesterday but it weghs on my mind so much and I keep antispating her next stunt and Im appouled the he even entertains her. ITs sickening distrubing and discuting also I just dont know if my boundery will be respected should we ever get to the point of finding a place. not sure what to do but no opperuintes seem conivent or maybe not comfortable to talk and well I figured it out its not a good idea to talk about that when I drink. anyhow thats that for now I dont have much to offer or intend today