Ruby’s healing journey
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2021-08-31 20:29:10 (UTC)

Yesterday diary entry

Besides my mom and my supposed health problem(I wont die or anything I just can’t eat certain things)

Things have gotten better
I’m trying to avoid my mom at all costs
My friend is back I made a new friend thought she’s leaving I know a new place to hangout the board game place
I read a couple of books one I loved
I got both COVID shots
I’m learning how to do makeup
I’m learning how to bake
2 of my plants have survived a long time
I just kinda reflected on this things have gotten better my brain is learning and having fun so the day is not too bad

Also I got a job even though I hate it I make extra money

So back to the journal style I do

Today was a slow day
I woke up from a bad dream again this time about not being capable probably I still have this fear though I’m getting better at stuff

I learned how to clean my makeup brushes the professional way
I decided not to do makeup since I have to wait for them to dry

I ate some Oaties with yogurt

I ordered some roller skates
and other stuff like makeup and clothes for fall
I guess I’m determined to live a good live though I’m low income though I should probably save more

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