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2021-09-01 18:02:00 (UTC)

Fun Scammer/Free movie

September 1, 2021

Since it is the first of the month, I have so many bills that are really filling my email box. This one is a lot of fun, it has even a real phone number even. First thing they ask for is your email number, don't give it out, but give the invoice number if you received one as I have. They will say what are you calling for. Want to cancel or order more stuff either way will work. never give email address as they have it already and want your ip address in order to bill credit card or pay pal or any debit card. I never ordered a iphone 12, as I already have one. Reference account dept. They will say we don't have your address, never give out, that is giving address they need for shipping. Everything there able to get is already listed. But, I change my ip daily to foul all the scammers up or to leave my bank money alone. Ask why they are scamming people, and how much do they get paid. Some will answer and say, oh you know already. Of course, I want to do it as well and I want to know what you pay to sell this product for you. They have many, I can tell you that already. Being retired gives me a lot of time to play this game with all the scams going on. Reason why credit cards will not work in the future, until they have everyone on a government source, and that will not work either so far. Already ATM's are getting people's money, and nothing is coming out. Your able to go and complain, but the ower of that ATM is only a service, and not the property of many banks, and they will tell you that. Your out of that limit of whatever it is $100.00 to 1500.00. This is getting fun, but still pisses me off as I use to bite at these and many I never did get the money. Be careful who you choose for your debit card dealer.

i phone 12 (White,64 GB) Purchased done__

robertl harper <[email protected]>
11:44 AM (1 hour ago)
to consumer4897, bcc: me

Hey member,

Your order for i phone 12 (White,64 GB) is successfully Purchased. your item will be ready to send after the complete procedure of dispatch.

in case you need it earlier from the date which is shown below you need to make a call with a valid reason because we only provide the fast Shipping in an Emergency.


invoice no. : zy628340b

purchase date : 1st september 2021

delivery date : tomorrow

product : i phone 12 (White,64 GB)

cost : $993.84 usd

paying procedure : auto renewal

........................................................... .........................................................

IF you have any further concern regarding your purchase, feel free to contact our accounts department and express your issues (including item exchange or cancellation).

v you can reach us on 1 – (805) - (510) - (7722)


accounts department

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