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2021-09-01 05:52:10 (UTC)

Slacking 🤨

I've only been doing one crossfit class a day this week. Some mornings were a little tough for me getting up. I was taste testing my tequila li-hing-mui and it was tasting pretty good. Been staying up late for no special reason so the mornings were tough. Needless to say, the past week has been easy-peasy at the gym. Nothing hurts and I feel like I was slacking.

I've gotten to know that short but pretty strong lady a bit more. Her name is Sadia. She chats with me more now since we sort of bonded the last time. hehe. I'm full of poop. It was only because we were paired together by chance that one time last week. She's works in accounting and likes to mountain bike down trails. Not sure if it's the extreme mountain bike trails or just on roads but I thought that was cool. We'll see how this goes. She's getting friendlier each time we chat. Always nice to get to know new friends more. Being a woman and being kinda cute never hurts too. hehe. I'm so bad. 😈 Just my playful antics at the gym. All talk and no bite..or penising. Yup, it's a word I just made up.

Anyway, I only had 10 min to post. Spent too much zen time this morning. Gotta get ready for my morning gym class. Today will be the first time I will double up this month. It's a new day peeps. Make it a good one. Don't forget to smile and it may help to do so if you stay away from too much social media.

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