Carrie notes
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2021-08-31 20:21:28 (UTC)

When I Need To Vent

It's said to keep a record of things that happen in your life. I sure have done a lousy job of that, especially here lately! But I try to write here when I feel the need to vent.
Lately, more like in the last couple of years or so since I moved in here at Franklin Plaza I have been having issues with one nieghbbor in particular. Some say its here disability, some say she is off her meds, others say it's her disability and meds.
I just know I'm done with being nice to get verbally attacked by one Diane Detrich in the end. Worse yet her attitude gets really bad when Tammi Sarrett is home ( another nieghbbor who lives on the first floor).
When Tammi isn't home Diane comes to me needing help with meals, her TV service, talking to her case manager, or explaining why she doesn't get things in the mail when she feels she should get them. As long as I'm giving her what she wants things are fine. The minute they don't go her way I'm the bad guy.

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