The reason why my sky is Blue
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2021-08-31 15:46:33 (UTC)

Day 4

I Have No Job. No car. I live in my grandparents house. I bought nothing that I own. Nothing is truly mine. I’m a bum. I can’t seem to get my life together. It always seems to fall apart. That’s why death looks so easy. Why it looks like the best route for me. But I can’t. Won’t. I know my family would be hurt, but only for a little bit. They will go on with their life’s, throw my stuff away or sell it. Granny would keep my record player and the records, my mom and Angela would fight over my make up. Angel would keep all my smoking stuff. Bug would probably go through my clothes, or keep a letter that she wrote me for Christmas one year. Roger wouldn’t keep anything, neither would Rigo. Jayden would use it as an excuse to go get high on meth. Grandpa would probably use my death as an excuse not to work and to drink. The only person I would hate to leave would be Ary. The love of my life. I’ve cared for her since she was born. I moved in and watched her everyday. Now she’s 4 and I love her more than ever. She’s my side kick. I love when she calls and I can her here say “Ninnie!” She loves me and I think my death would sadden her. Even though she doesn’t truly understand what it is yet. I hate thinking of her reaction when she goes into my room to look for me and it’s empty, to ask where I am, and eventually forget I was ever there.
Everyone would forget me and that’s the reason why my sky is blue.