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2021-08-31 21:14:44 (UTC)

It's so easy to manipulate you..

You are all so very easily fooled into purchasing the shit you don't need. Like the people making money of you all are sitting up in their plush offices laughing away at you all...

With the whole footblall player vs coke incident. The drink company lost plenty in sales just cause a world icon for football declined to sip their drink. How stupid are the people who blindly follow everything the star icon does and says. He plays football. He's a good family figure. I can aspire to that. But to drink what he does. Wear what he does. Dress like him. Look like him. Talk like him...Etc...that's just stupidity.

When brands pay famous people to show off their merchandise you know for good that you are being manipulated. Hollywood actors holding up a tube of toothpaste and saying scripted lines for which they are paid for. And you all think it's good. Meeehhhh...

If you just take a step back and poke your head up high from the crowd you will see all of the bullshit right in front of you.

It's very easy not to get manipulated. You just have to doubt and second guess every bit of info the media throws at you. A new smartphone comes up and the media and the tech industry is in full hype mode. You ignore it. Months down the line it all will be forgotten until next product launch. Cycle repeats. You don't follow the hype. You wait patiently and observe everything around you.

Patiently ... Waiting. But patience is something which is lost in the age of everything now. You want prime delivery now. You binge watch now. Suckersssssss..

end ..

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