By Myself

Somewhere I Belong
2021-08-31 16:20:00 (UTC)

Take the blame for once..

I'm tired of reading all of the media shoved to us about the pandemic. How each religion and race and every person says how much of a devastation it has caused them. Every government being pityfull.

But nobody and I mean nobody is ready to take part of the blame themselves. And this is true human nature.

Let me make it clear. The virus spreads by human host. Without humans no virus. So if the humans have no self control and go out to party and socialize when the rest of the country and world is in lockdown, who is to be blamed?? The virus or humans..

Well guess what the humans will always blame the virus and never themselves. Ever. That's really disappointing. We boast about so much but when push comes to shove... Nope. Not us. We are too good for everyone and everything. The universe must revolve around us.


end .

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