Ruby’s healing journey
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2021-08-30 22:36:28 (UTC)

Getting better kinda

Today I did my makeup for a long time I look good though and it really started the day t (social worker) came over and helped me with cleaning apartment

Then we went to try to fix my bus card
I played Pokémon idk if I like it now but I’m doing the game over because it died so that might be why

I tried to read 30 minutes of Gideon the ninth but my timer turned off so idk if I did or not (didn’t ring just turned off)

I’m going to try again

N is leaving(friend) I’m sad we just started being friends and we were going to ice skate and go to a escape room I’m sad hopefully she understand and will FaceTime me

Anyway by diary for now I’m not going to bed at 8pm if I stay on the diary today

Also I need to stop seeing dad he keeps bringing mom

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