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2021-08-30 13:33:00 (UTC)

inviting space

My mom has a friend that I don't know very well, but I really enjoy being in her home?
It's so strange, because I don't usually enjoy being in spaces I don't know very well, especially in the spaces of people I don't know very well
but immediately upon entering her place, I felt so comfortable
It's a little cramped and cluttered, but it's cozy and it feels nice, it feels warm and familiar

It's not really her that makes me feel comfortable but her home
She's pretty hectic, and I know she sometimes shoots up in the bathroom when I'm there
but she does also have a very inviting energy about her
She also doesn't mind me invading her space, which is weirdly nice

Lately I've been missing the feeling of being there, which I think is kinda funny
I just want to curl up on her bed with her, my mom and sister and watch tv