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2021-08-30 23:50:00 (UTC)

hold still

Spent all day testing albedo (and didn't even finish). He is one of my best and favourite characters, double crowned, i love him a lot. And today i got an artifact for him with 27% crit dmg, which is my second best crit dmg ever. It also gave me an opportunity to switch the timepiece on him to the one with more crit rate. I lost 19% def in process, which shouldn't be a big deal, but i still wanted to compare.

Genshin needs a dmg testing section. It would make everything so much easier. I had to use childe as a training dummy. But the problem is that he moves all the time, puts up his stupid shield and hits pretty hard constantly breaking my shield. And then has the audacity to say "all you do is run". Bitch, im not the one running away here.

Skill dmg testing was not that bad, just chasing after childe and putting down zhongli's pillar and albedo's isotoma. But ult testing... I put down rosaria's ult and geo mc's ult so he crits for sure, zhongli's skill, albedo's skill... And that bastard teleport away. I have to run around while dodging and get energy for everyone again. Great!

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